custom neon sign for kid

For kids, a birthday is undoubtedly one of the most important days in their life. And surely most of them all want to celebrate the day with a fun and memorable party. Meanwhile, holding a massive kid's birthday party may lead to stress and drain the bank account of parents. If this is the case, don't worry, HelenLedCo is HERE for you. 

In case you have a limited budget but still want to create a fun and whimsical atmosphere, celebrate kid's day efficiently, and have all eyes on them, a custom neon sign for kids is undoubtedly the ultimate way to go! 

Oh Baby LED Neon Sign

There are endless ideas when it comes to custom neon sign for kids. Thanks to the revolution of technology as well as the technical skill of craftsmen, all your inner thoughts can have a reality for sure! Once you're ready to steal the scene and celebrate your kid's birthday effectively, there is nothing that can beat the dazzling yet stunning neon sign. 

An adorable party theme for a kid's birthday celebrationAn adorable party theme for a kid's birthday celebration 

How about the Oh Baby LED design if you're looking for inspiration? This strikingly custom neon sign for kids can be used to add a fun and playful touch to the party. Also, it allows you to unleash your creativity, marks the day efficiently, and of course, makes your child delighted and highly blissful. 

The simple yet elegant Oh Baby custom neon sign for kidThe simple yet elegant Oh Baby custom neon sign for kid 

Additionally, after using the sign at your kid's party, an "Oh Baby" neon sign can go smoothly in their bedroom as a decorative element. It adds a playful and energetic touch to a space. Also, the shiny neon lights will drift them off effortlessly, safeguarding them from nightmares or spooky imaginary characters. 

The glorious Oh Baby pink neon sign for kid's partyThe glorious Oh Baby pink neon sign for kid's party 

One thing you must know is that you don't have to worry about the cost when purchasing a custom neon sign for kid. It’s absolutely worth every penny. You can leave the sign on from day to night. Meanwhile, it only spends as little electricity as your domestic light bulb. Costing around 15 cents per day when shining, the neon sign is a must-have element if you’re looking for reusable decorative items for birthday parties.  

Moreover, the neon sign is super safe by being constructed carefully and encased with high-quality LED flex. Due to your child's upcoming birthday and all the incredible features that you’ve craved, we bet that you can never say no to the LED neon sign.  

Happy Birthday Neon Sign

According to a custom neon sign for kids, you can freely mix, match, or add several personal details to the sign. If you're interested in customizing a neon sign, it's a good idea to take advantage of the custom builder tool to have your very own sign. Plus, the Happy Birthday neon sign custom for kids is an excellent option for those who’re struggling with finding extraordinary things and planning the party at the same time. ​​

The Happy Birthday neon sign can be hung on the balloon archThe Happy Birthday neon sign can be hung on the balloon arch 

The "Happy Birthday" neon sign will be a vital component of the festive and fun touches. It could also be used as a light source to make the entire space more luminous. With the Happy Birthday neon sign, celebrating your kid's birthday in a budget-friendly yet impressive way is just a piece of cake.

Another design of the Happy Birthday LED signAnother design of the Happy Birthday LED sign 

When planning a birthday party, you can save your cost with the help of the dazzling and eye-grabbing neon sign. The sign is customizable, allowing you to go for multiple sizes, colors, and shapes options until one fits your specification and interest. So, if you want to adorn the day and make them jaw-dropped without breaking the bank, let's polish the venue with the most splendidly breathtaking custom neon sign.   

Let’s Party Neon Sign

Hanging the Let's Party custom neon sign for kids is a great way to set the tone for a fun and memorable celebration. The sign is made of long-lasting and waterproof materials that allow you to freely display it wherever you want. 

If the birthday party is outside, let’s have the neon sign at the balloon arch, next to the dessert table, or at the entrance. It's a good way to hold pedestrians’ attention, greet your invitees, as well as direct your guests effectively. 

A standard-size Let’s Party neon sign lightA standard-size Let’s Party neon sign light 

Besides adding a decorative touch to a party, the Let's Party neon sign can also serve as a conversation starter or photo backdrop. With its brilliant appearance, many people enjoy taking photos with neon signs and sharing them on social media. This is a way to spread the word about your event and create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Let's Party LED neon sign with decorative neon sign fontLet's Party LED neon sign with decorative neon sign font

Besides, these playful and dynamic neon signs can be reused at your leisure. When the party is over, you can take it home and display the sign in your living space, such as on the dull wall, above the couch, the bedroom headboard, or anywhere you want to make it prominent.  

Congratulations Neon Sign

Another design that can inspire a custom neon sign for kid is the Congratulations. This design is so famous and favorable because they offer a bright and eye-catching way to celebrate and congratulate them on a special occasion or achievement. A neon sign's bold colors and bold lettering help draw attention and convey a sense of excitement and celebration. The sign can be displayed as wall art, used as a backdrop for photos, or given to the child as a special birthday gift.

The simple look CongratulationsThe simple look Congratulations 

You don't have to panic if you're unsure what to do with neon signs when the day is over. The phrase Congratulation never goes out of the trend and fits nicely on any occasion. So, the sign will go perfectly in every inch of your home, being used as a light source, a mood-switching tool, or even a killer statement. Besides, when using a neon sign in a child's bedroom, it's essential to follow safety guidelines to reduce the risk of injury or damage.

The vivid appearance of the Congratulations neon signThe vivid appearance of the Congratulations neon sign 

There are always things for you regarding a custom neon sign for kids. If you're interested in making your own neon sign, you'll need to have a visualization at first. By writing them down, taking the picture, and sending it to us. Indeed, all your dream will come true in a fraction of the time as soon as we receive your request. 

Custom-age for kid's birthday 

Last but not least, custom-age neon signs can be a wonderful and fantastic addition to a kid's party. By adding the child's name or other information, you can personalize these signs to commemorate the child at that particular age. In addition to being a unique and memorable gift, neon signs can also take the venue to the next level and add visual appeal.

The signs are undoubtedly safe to use at a kid's party if properly handled. They are highly collectible and can be worth a significant amount of money. When incorporating neon signs into the venue, remember to display them at a height that is out of reach of young children to prevent accidental injury or damage. 

The Three custom neon sign for kidThe Three custom neon sign for kid

It's also worth considering the overall look of neon signs when you enjoy incorporating them into your decor or events. The eye-catching and chic look of neon signs is frequently used to give a party or event a jovial and spirited atmosphere. Many kids like seeing their name or age written in flashing neon lights, and they might find it joyful to have a precious keepsake from their special day.

The One birthday LED neon signThe One birthday LED neon sign 

So, if you want to create a festive yet consistent party theme that encourages guests to let loose and has a good time, bright colors and large lettering on a neon sign are unquestionably the best choice. Additionally, the Helen's order-to-made neon sign is an excellent option for you to go for instead of the pre-made one. 

We hope these top 5 remarkable and stunning custom neon signs for kids will inspire you to the fullest. Don't forget to follow HelenLedCo's inspirational blog for more helpful tips in decorating houses, businesses, and wedding venues - you name it!!!