Hello and welcome to HeLenLedCo. We're all about making high-quality LED neon signs to brighten people's lives. We were on a quest to bring neon to everyone, everywhere in 2022, inspired by the dazzling lights of Tokyo, but with conventional neon being famously pricey, we wanted to discover a means to make neon art accessible to everyone. Enter LED neon, an ecologically safe, cost-effective solution for producing high-quality signage. As a result, Helenledco was born. HeLenLedCo is here to bring life to your walls. We believe in vivid statement items for any location, whether it's a little corner of your house or a focal point for your business...we have you covered. We offer hundreds of unique, trend-led designs, so you're sure to find something you like, but if you want to make something completely unique, we can do that as well! Our devoted team of design specialists is here to assist you in creating the LED neon All of our signs are handcrafted to order, with a three-week turnaround time between design, manufacture, and delivery. As a result, each and every order is carefully crafted specifically for you. We believe in being daring, inventive, and one-of-a-kind. It's time to be inspired...



HelenledCo Neon is a well-established neon sign maker. We cater to a variety of needs - be it business, home, or any other private or professional events. Our products are created with a passion to exceed the customer expectations and we truly believe in making your spaces or events livelier with our neon signs.




Make a difference. That is our mission. We understand that planning the décor for your home, business or any event is an involved undertaking. With our neon lights, we hope to make this a little easier for you. Choose the one perfect for you and we will deliver it to your doorstep at the best possible price and in the most efficient manner.


HelenledCo lights are engineered to perfection with utmost attention to quality, durability, and performance. Our lights are energy-efficient and meet the highest safety standards. These do not heat up and hence are completely safe to use for an extended period. We are committed to a better environment and our lights are designed in an eco-friendly manner, with no harmful emissions.


We continue to delight our customers with a wide range of unique choices we offer, to brighten up your space or event. We also offer customization options to suit your every need. Business Neon signs, Home décor neon signs, party neon signs, wedding neon lighting, outdoor funfairs – you name it and we have a range of options for you to choose from.


We make the world brighter, one neon light at a time!


Company - HelenledCo Ltd


HelenLedCo specializes in manufacturing customized indoor and outdoor neon sign lights. With 05 years experience. We can make neon products with small dimensions and high level of finish. Contact me if you want to create your own style space.

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