wedding neon sign

Are you planning your dream wedding and finding it difficult to find the perfect wedding decor? Perhaps you are a wedding planner, looking for durable and versatile wedding decorations.

Either way, have you ever thought that custom neon signs might be exactly what you are looking for? The neon sign craze is just getting started, and now that wedding neon signs are a 'must have' wedding decoration, you may be wondering what all that fuss is about.
Below, we've come up with the top reasons why you absolutely must invest in a neon sign for wedding.

Completely free design

Whether you want to light up both your partner's name and your own, let everyone know whose special day it is. Or if you want to light up a saying or statement, whether it be 'Just Marry', 'Happily Ever After' or 'Mr. & Mrs.’, there are many options that you will be able to choose.

Happily Ever After wedding neon sign for you

Happily Ever After wedding neon sign for you

Extremely flexible customized neon sign

Not only can you design specifically what you want to show others, but they can also be used in a variety of ways. Whether you're looking for the perfect photo backdrop, an accent at the end of the aisle, a sign that welcomes everyone into your wedding reception, or a sign to go with your wedding cake, you can personalize your neon sign to fulfill any request.

Easy to fits your wedding theme

If you've ever had a wedding before, it's easy to imagine the tension created when trying to find wedding decorations that match your color theme. That's why wedding neon sign are perfect! Neon lights come in every color imaginable, so you'll be able to design the perfect sign with the right color and avoid the stress of shopping around.

Til Death neon sign for wedding bring romantic vibe to your space

Til Death neon sign for wedding bring romantic vibe to your space

Perfect for late-night weddings

Everyone loves a great party, and wedding reception will be one of the most special and memorable that you will host and attend in your entire life. So naturally, you want everything to be perfect.

We can say that lighting is one of the important elements of any occasion and it is paramount to get it right, as it helps to set the right mood and atmosphere. Too dark for anyone to see, too bright can make your guests feel uncomfortable like they are being interrogated.

The beauty of neon signs is that you will be able to set the light to the desired brightness and since neon lights are not oversized they won't emit as much light as regular lights.

A memory for life

While there are plenty of reasons why customize neon sign is perfect for your wedding day, what then? Of course, they are the perfect wedding memento. Whether you're getting your name, the last name of your spouse, or even a cute quote or saying, neon lights can be the perfect home decor.

We think walking past a memento from your wedding that brightens your day is the perfect way to remember your special day.

Wedding plans dreams

Plus, if you're the one planning the wedding rather than the bride or groom, you might be wondering if neon wedding signage is a smart investment. Perhaps if you choose to choose a sign with a standard color such as white, with a generic statement like 'Happy couple' or 'Just Married', you could see a high return on the investment.

As long as you maintain the necessary maintenance, neon signs will last anywhere between 10 and 12 years. If you multiply that number by the typical number of weddings you plan to have in a year, and the money you'll save by not repeating the purchase of centerpieces or decorative lights, you'll save a lot of money.

Custom wedding neon sign matches your wedding theme

Custom wedding neon sign matches your wedding theme

Not to mention, buying a neon sign every 10 years is more eco-friendly than buying a new paper or plastic sign for every wedding you plan.

That concludes our top reasons why buying a custom LED neon sign for wedding is one of the best decisions you'll make when planning your special day's decor element his distinction.

Not only can you fully customize your sign to say what you want and choose a color that matches your wedding theme, but it also helps you establish the atmosphere you're looking forward to. And, after the special day is over, it's the perfect keepsake to help you remember your special day.