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When it comes to event planning, every detail counts. And one detail that can make a big impact is the addition of a neon sign. These vibrant and customizable signs can add a touch of personality and charm to any event while also providing practical benefits such as way-finding and branding. With 4 ideal ways to steal the scene with neon sign for events, let's give it a try and have your memorable experiences!

Choosing the Right Neon Sign for Your Event

The location, decorations, and other factors are all important to consider when planning an event. The neon sign is one aspect that has the potential to significantly affect the atmosphere of your event. Setting the mood and giving your visitors a memorable experience can be accomplished with the help of the ideal neon sign. With some helpful advice on how to pick the perfect neon sign for your occasion, having your day shine like a diamond is no longer a wish.

Wedding neon signs are always indispensable for decorationWedding neon signs are always indispensable for decoration

Consider your event's theme as you begin the process of selecting the ideal neon sign. A customized neon sign can fit your theme, whether you're planning a contemporary wedding or a retro-themed party. For example, if you're hosting a music festival, you might decide on a neon sign featuring a musical instrument or note. The bride and groom's names or initials on wedding neon sign can be a lovely finishing touch for their big day.

Each size of event neon signs will add a distinctive touchEach size of event neon signs will add a distinctive touch

Once you have a general idea of the type of neon sign you want, it's crucial to take the size and color into account. The sign's size and color ought to be appropriate for the area where the event will be held. If the event is taking place in a small space, a small yet warm, orange glow neon sign can produce a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. On the other hand, if the event is taking place in a large venue, a sizable Let's Party neon sign with a bright pink glow can produce a playful atmosphere.

A neon sign for events can work well as an advertising methodA neon sign for events can work well as an advertising method

Consideration should also be given to the neon sign's message or wording. The message may help set the event's overall tone and theme. It could be a quote, the event's name, or your business's name. Make sure your choice fits the occasion and appeals to your guests. For instance, a custom neon sign with the hashtag for your event can entice visitors to post about their memories on social media.

Using Neon Signs as a Focal Point

There are many ways to effectively use LED neon signs as a focal point for your party. Here are some ideas and examples for making a neon sign the center of attention in your room: 

  • Placement: Let's think about placement right off the bat before placing your order. No one wants to waste their money on decorative items that can’t work smoothly as they think. For a focal point, a party neon sign can be above a bar, a feature wall, or a stand-alone display.

Example: A business neon sign placed above a bar in a restaurant, such as a sign that says "Cheers to Love" or "Bar Open," can draw attention and create a lively atmosphere.

You can browse the Business Collection for more ideasYou can browse the Business Collection for more ideas 
  • Contrast: Neon signs are already eye-catching, but using them against a contrasting background can help make them stand out even more. Make sure to choose a background that contrasts the colors of the neon sign to make it pop.

Example: A neon sign with a cool blue light against a warm brick wall or wooden panel can create a beautiful contrast that draws attention to the sign.

  • Message: The message on the neon sign can also make it a focal point, resonating with your audience and fitting the theme of the space or event.
Hustle LED neon signHustle LED neon sign

Example: A large neon sign that says "Hustle" in an office space can encourage people to enjoy and also create a focal point for the workspace.

  • Lighting: Lighting can also be used to draw attention to the neon sign. Consider adding accent lighting around the sign to make it even more eye-catching.
Cocktail neon sign with multi-colored neon lightsCocktail neon sign with multi-colored neon lights

Example: A party neon sign that says "Cocktails" in a dimly lit bar with accent lighting around it can create a stunning focal point and set the mood for the space.

Creating a Custom Neon Sign for Your Event

Party-themed neon signs

For party people, nothing helps to take your event to the next level with a multi-colored party scheme. Regarding this case, look no further than party-themed neon signs! These party neon signs are the ultimate way to inject some fun and personality into your celebration. When choosing, consider the kind of message you want to convey. Whether "Let's Get Wild" or "Dance All Night," make sure it's catchy and reflects the party's theme. 

Open neon sign can bring an inviting atmosphereOpen neon sign can bring an inviting atmosphere 

And don't be afraid to get a little wild with the colors! Neon signs come in bright and bold hues, so feel free to mix and match to create a look that really pops. For maximum impact, place your sign in a central location where everyone can see it and be drawn to the party energy. With a party-themed neon sign, you'll have your guests dancing, laughing, and having the time of their lives!

Custom name neon signs

If you get ready to make a statement as unique as you are, try it with custom name neon signs! A custom neon sign can do the trick, whether you want to add some pizzazz to your space or create a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your event. Also, you have all the control over design, ranging from sans serif to hand-written ones. So, feel free to let your creativity run wild!

The possibilities are endless with custom neon LED lightsThe possibilities are endless with custom neon LED lights


Looking for a way to make your event stand out? Word neon signs are a must-have! These signs add a fun and unique touch to any occasion and serve a practical purpose.

With custom messaging options, you can create a sign that perfectly fits your event's theme and helps reinforce your brand. Plus, they're versatile enough to be used as a focal point or stylish accent. With word neon signs, you can take your event to the next level and create a memorable experience for your guests.

Artwork neon

Artwork neon signs are a versatile and visually stunning addition to any event. One creative way to use them is as a photo backdrop. These signs can be tailored to fit your theme perfectly. So, whether your guests are snapping selfies or taking group shots, these customized pieces will add a fun and unforgettable touch. 

You can go for Astronaut neon signs, Pizza Slice neon signs, etc.You can go for Astronaut neon signs, Pizza Slice neon signs, etc.

​​But that's not all - you can also use these signs as wayfinding tools to guide guests around your event space. Whether you're hosting a corporate gala or a birthday bash, an artwork neon sign will add a perfect touch of style and personality to make your event truly unforgettable.

With bold and bright colors, our sign can say that event is all about celebrating diversity. Creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and accepted, regardless of their race, gender, or background is just a piece of cake with the help of neon signs for event. Let's celebrate together with HelenLedCo's Collection now!