neon sign for game room

Neon signs are one of the best lighting decor trends for your game room this year. Of course there’s a compelling reason. Neon signs add a unique, eye-catching, and nostalgic touch to your game room, making it a fun and memorable space for gaming and relaxation. Like who wouldn’t want a glowing, and beautiful neon sign cast over the whole gaming zone while you’re focused on playing your favorite games? Now, below are top 5 best selling neon signs for your game room, check this out, get inspired and get your hands on the first sign for you!

Game Boy Artwork Led Neon Sign

This piece of LED neon artwork is inspired from The Game Boy, a handheld video game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo, first released in 1989 and also one of the most recognizable and successful portable gaming systems of all time. 

The hands of our creative, and skilled craftsmen have transformed the image from basic, and functional to stunning Game Boy Artwork that not only serves look, but also acts as cool alternative lighting source in the room.

Three amazing aspects about the artwork are durability, energy-efficiency, and of course cost-effectiveness. Made from robust quality acrylic backboard, and LED neon strips mounted on the board, our signs possess premium quality, and a seamless sleek appearance that looks just like a million dollar artwork.

 Unlike its predecessors, LED neon artwork consumes about 80% less electricity, so owning a neon artwork won’t cost you much on that electricity bill. In fact, you’ll save money. And last but not least, as we’re dedicated to strong craftsmanship, and quality, all of our neon signage products are sold at reasonable prices, while maintaining superior quality. All in one package!Neon sign for game roomGame boy LED neon artwork makes your game room the best entertainment space ever in the neighborhood

Game Hand Sign Artwork Led Neon Sign

The next LED neon sign artwork is another well-crafted, and colorful neon light that your game room has been waiting for years.  It is a gorgeous decorative LED neon sign in the shape of a hand gesture commonly used in gaming,

 A game hand sign is a gesture made with the hand, used to communicate a symbol or action in a game. Some common examples include "rock, paper, scissors", "thumbs up/down", "victory", and others. These hand signals are used in various types of games, both digital and physical, to indicate a player's choice or action.

These hand gestures have then been transformed using the art of neon signage. With the skillful hands, and modern LED technology to make neon signs, these decor items possess far brighter and more energy-efficient lighting. They are commonly used for commercial or decorative purposes, such as advertising, branding, or decorating homes, businesses, and events. 

They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs, and can be custom made to suit different needs and preferences.And this is where LED signs are dominating. You can picture whatever image related to the game room in your hand, and boom LED technology makes it into a wall artwork that’s not only stunning, but also functional as an alternative lighting source.

Bear in mind, you can totally customize these pre-made designs based on your own needs, and preferences. 

Neon sign for game room

Colorful and bright Game Hand sign Neon artwork makes game-changing addition to your game room

Galaxy Brain Led Neon Sign

Looking for some whimsical neon light decor for your relaxation space? Well, this is the sign for you! 

Well, remember the Galaxy Brain meme that broke the Internet from years ago, well it has now come back to the surface, newer, and fresher under the novel and very much adored form called neon light artwork. It has now become more colorful, and vivid through the hands of skilled craftsmen, and a designer team.

A "Galaxy Brain" LED neon sign is a decorative sign in the shape of a stylized brain, usually with a galaxy or cosmic theme. The sign is lit up using LED lights, and is best used as wall art or room decor. It is used to express creativity, intelligence, or an interest in science and the universe. Go for this sign if you’re that smart, and clever game player. 

Neon sign for game room

Galaxy brain LED neon sign is glowing in the dark, so great to add light, and vibes to the relaxation game space

Spaceman Led Neon Sign

Another whimsical neon light sign for your game room, and we’re not getting bored just yet! They add playful and fun vibes into your relaxation space. Besides, they help your space become a magical wonderland that offers you a quick getaway from the harsh reality, and indulge in harmless bliss for your own benefit. Everyone wants this, and deserves one for their own!

A "Spaceman" LED neon sign is a decorative sign that features  a spaceman or astronaut floating aimlessly in space. It is best used to decorate a variety of spaces such as game rooms, man caves, bedrooms, or any other areas with a sci-fi or futuristic theme. 

You can hang this sign above the game machine, or on blank walls in your game room. Do make sure to measure your space firsthand, and inform us of the measurements in the contact form, or email. Exact measurements will ensure a gorgeous MAD FIT sign that is designed just for your space!

Neon sign for game room

LED neon light displaying Spaceman floating in the space 

Game On Led Neon Sign

Short, but concise! The quote GAME ON suffices to switch up the vibes, turn on the playstation and enjoy your game to the fullest!

A "Game On" LED neon sign is an illuminated sign that features the phrase "Game On" in LED neon lights. It is widely used as decor in game rooms, man caves, and entertainment areas. The sign is made from robust quality acrylic backboard with LED neon strips mounted on the board.

Place the sign above where you put the computer, or gaming machine to enjoy the most illuminating effects. This sign alone is enough to light up the whole room, while creating the dimly lit atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing time. 

Neon sign for game room

GAME ON LED neon sign casts a magical blue glow over the entire game room, making it look like a safe haven for games

Neon sign for game room

GAME ON LED neon sign in switched off mode

All in all, these are TOP 5 best selling neon signs that are perfect for your game room makeover project.  If you fall in love with one of the designs, don’t hesitate to contact HelenledCo, we’ll make your vision a reality, and deliver it to your door within a week. If you want a custom design, contact us and share with us your vision. With your insights along with expert advice, your sign will definitely take your game room decor to the moon once you hang them on.