neon sign for gym

Long gone are the days of ugly gyms. It’s high time you make a change in your workout space, whether you're a gym owner or owning a home gym. It’s a sacred place where you spend hours of tough training and get out on the other side, looking better and above all, feeling better.

Neon signs for the gym make game-changing additions to your gym. This new addition will get your blood pumping and make workout a light breeze for days and months to come. Scroll down to see how our customers designed their workout haven with affordable, gorgeous neon signs.

Who uses neon signs for gym

If you can’t stand ugly uninspiring gyms, neon signs are exactly what your space is lacking.
Gorgeous, illuminating lighting that serves looks and inspire gymgoers! Featuring a new fresh take on neon lighting, neon signs are definitely worth the extra investment. Whether you’re a fitness freak or interior buff, you can’t honestly resist the power of these signs when you look at how these brilliant fitness lovers incorporated neon lighting into their space.
gym neon sign


These two gym owners customized their Gym Logo Neon Sign, and proudly set this up in the near the entrance so that when guests come to their gym to workout, their name will the first thing they notice. You can snap fun group pics here with your loyal customers and patrons and post them on social media to showcase the special bond you have with your customers and to enhance brand exposure. This decor allows you to have jaw-dropping entrance, as well as a great spot for taking motivational pics.
gym neon sign

GYM MODE ON Neon Sign for Gym

The surroundings have a direct impact on your motivation and physical strength. If done right, motivating gym neon signs will instantly get your blood pumping, your heartbeat up and your muscles ready for intense, yet so rewarding workouts. Invest in these inspiring lighting signs for gyms, to provide the best possible experience to your customers. Make every single moment count! Let’s arm up the workout during the easy-to-give moments, so that they can gradually reach their goals at the end of the process.
gym neon sign

My left hook just went viral neon sign for gym

If you’re a fitness freak, and own a home gym, this is your opportunity to level up that corner, either for calming yoga sessions, or high-intensity workout that turns on your beast mode. Neon signs will instantly get you in the zone right when you walk into this space. No distractions, no insecure feelings and yes to a healthier body and mind. They never fail to stimulate your senses and encourage you to take on those tough muscle training to get fit and become stronger.

Why your gym needs neon signs

There are a ton of reasons why neon signs are a must in your gym. They can not only serve as functional lighting alternatives, but also great accent decor that looks outstanding, and spectacular. As they’re available in various fonts, sizes, shapes and colors, you can freely customize neon signs for gyms specific to your needs and preferences. If you don’t know yet which one suits your space, browse through the list below to see if any of these real-life gym neon decorations fit your needs, and then you can start your own from here.

To create a fun environment

If you’re a fun person and want to bring joyful lighting to your space, neon signs can help you elevate your gym in the most pleasant way for you. Be it a funny uplifting quote, or a hilarious image you draw it yourself, make it neon light and bring zen to your workout haven.
gym neon sign

Babes who BOX neon sign for gym

Treat your senses to this gorgeous Babes who BOX neon sign! This is perfect for a boxing room for women. This illuminating sign will motivate babes who box, and let them know how special and strong they’re to challenge the deep-rooted societal conception that men are stronger than women.
gym neon sign

GYM neon sign

Motivate yourself during those tough training sessions by this illuminating, colorful neon sign glowing in the corner. Every time when it comes to the tough intensive training, and you’re about to give up, just look at this enlightening sign for a boost.
gym neon sign

Muscle flex neon sign for gym

This muscle flex neon sign not only brightens up the atmosphere, but also keeps you motivated during training sessions. This industrial-style addition is the missing piece that your home gym needs for future body training to be more inspiring and tolerable. Is there anything cooler than having your own gym space lit up that feels rewarding and fulfilling just when you need to let off some steam? Well, we think not.
gym neon sign


Bring joy to your gym with this sign in calming and relaxing blue color. It’s a wonderful reminder that you are working out because you want to be happier, fitter, and healthier.
Being in that space, and working your body fuels you and empowers you to become the best version of yourself, and not just because you want to look a certain way because of the unrealistic beauty standards. Stay present, feel that burn and feel happy on the inside. It’s like the best feeling ever!
gym neon sign

Dumbbell neon sign for gym

To provide motivation

Neon signs will help you create a motivating space that makes you feel upbeat, and full of energy. As you step foot into the room filled with bright illuminating lights exuding positivity and strength, your body and souls will be instantly pumped to take on whatever workout is stopping you. Neon lighting looks bright, and pleasant while lasting long, around 100,000 hours in operation. Such an ideal lighting option that your gym needs for months to come! Check out how our customers infused motivation into their space with neon sign!.
gym neon sign

DON’T QUIT neon sign for gym

Workouts can be hard sometimes. Making the decision to change yourself for the better is tough, and taking actions to realize your goals is even tougher. But never quit! You’re getting there, with just a little bit of effort and strength. Breathe through those physically demanding, yet rewarding sessions with this DON’T QUIT neon sign for gym.
gym neon sign

JUST DO IT yourself neon sign for gym

When all the odds are stacked against you, just do it yourself. Believe in yourself, and just do it by yourself. At the end of the day, you’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish if you pull your weight, and give it all you’ve got.
gym neon sign


This quote is definitely what you need if excuses are your friend. Excuses are what stop you from your dream. Stop making excuses if you want to become a better version of yourself.
gym neon sign

BE SAVAGE NOT AVERAGE neon sign for gym

Oftentimes, we remain being average, because we’re too scared of what’s on the other side. Whether it’s worth the effort and how things will turn out. As future is never yours to hold, let your sense of purpose towards a better future be the driving force. If your inner voice keeps screaming for more, and for better, take actions now! This one quote neon sign for gym will be the source of drive to spur you on to that best version of yourself.
gym neon sign

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE neon sign for gym

No matter what happened yesterday, today is a new fresh start to achieve any goal you set. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE neon sign for gym is definitely the quote you need to get on the right track and taking each step towards your dream.
gym neon sign

YES YOU CAN DO IT neon sign for gym

Trust in your ability to get through whatever you’re struggling with and accomplish your goals in the end. BECAUSE YOU CAN DO IT EITHER BY YOURSELF, or along with OTHER PEOPLE.

To stand out

Neon lights are so vibrant and dynamic that they can even be seen from afar. If you want your gym to stand out from other competitions, incorporating neon signs is the best budget-friendly, and effective option out there. Gorgeous, long-lasting, and customizable. These three combos are killer. Want unique, personalized neon signs for your gym, customize it using your ideas and voila, you have the one and only sign that no other gym has ever owned.
gym neon sign

CROSSFIT neon sign for gym

Bright, illuminating neon signs glowing your logo is an excellent way to stand out in your own gym. Interiors play an important role in deciding the impression your gym makes on your guests. If you want to leave a strong imprint on your guests, customize one big logo neon sign and set this attractive sign on the center walls in your gym. I’m sure this will not only brighten up the space, but also make you top of mind in your guests’ head in the most incredible way.
gym neon sign

Nike Neon Sign For Gym

The wall art from this gym is just fire! The yellow Nike Neon Sign For Gym on red walls are such a unique classic decor that’s gonna make your gym top-of-mind option. Get wild with interior design, and be top game player whenever it comes to gym or gym decor.

Social Media

As glowing neon signs are attractive, they make stunning backdrop for you to snap gorgeous pics with your customers, and your teams and post them on social media. With this new addition, the pictures will turn out amazing and so eye-catching that no one can ever ignore its presence. Let neon signs increase brand exposure and boost sales!
gym neon sign

sweat - shake - shred neon sign for gym

Affordable & Durable

Neon signs are low-cost lighting decor that shines bright and vivid night or day. Invest in high quality neon signs can go a long way in terms of your decor game. Plus, the design and quality give the sign its durable feature. LED Neon Strips are mounted on robust quality acrylic backboard, and then covered by protective polymer. This way of design not only gives the sign a sleek seamless look, but also enables the sign to last for a long time. Get your hands on this killer affordable and durable package!
gym neon sign

Muscle Flex Neon Sign For Gym

Low Maintenance and Environment-Friendly

Once switched on, neon signs won’t produce any annoying buzz, or release any harmful chemicals like traditional glass neon did. Besides, they cost 80% less electricity to run, so this lighting decor is not only eco-friendly, but also energy-efficient.
The last thing you want to care about is maintenance. As these signs require little to no maintenance, it’s absolutely no hassle to spend them for years on. All you need to do is make sure they’re clean, and put in a safe spot, and you’ll have gorgeous, efficient neon lighting for years to come.
gym neon sign