neon signs for home decor

Neon signs are rising as one of the most popular home decor due to their versatility and ability to make a bold statement. They can add color and character to a room, be customized to display a personal message, and serve as a focal point to draw attention.

With the option to choose from various styles, colors, and designs, neon signs for home decor can fit different interior design styles and create a specific atmosphere or mood. In this article, we’ll show you how you can incorporate the best lighting trend to transform the look of your room!

How to style neon signs for your home

Neon signs are one of the most trendy light decor of 2023. Transform your boring and uninspiring space into an on-trend stylish home that everybody wishes to be living in with our best neon lights. 

For those who don’t know what LED neon sign is. The sign is made from clear acrylic board with robust quality, and LED neon strips carefully hidden within a protective polymer layer. This is the latest technology in the field right now, so it’s far more advanced than its predecessors. Besides, the sign has a sleek, seamless, and neat look that can be compared to cu million dollar wall artwork. 

The design of LED neon lights is varies, from simple, yet meaningful quotes to stunning artwork displaying all types of shapes, and wild drawings that’ll serve as an amazing outlet for your creativity. Check out the images below for more infos!

Neon sign for home decor

Gorgeous warm white neon light displaying motivating quote Do what you love is placed on the creamy colored cabinet in order to illuminate, and add warmth to the room

The sign above has one single color; however, you can customize your sign into multiple colors to fit your needs, and style!

Neon sign for home decor

Hello beautiful in blue and pink neon light placed next to a plant pot adds color pops into the little corner.

Besides meaningful phrases, you can display different paintings, shapes or images that you draw, or you see elsewhere and fall in love with. Like the illuminating sign below that showcases a beautiful young woman’s face in an aesthetic way. 

Neon sign for home decor

Neon sign showing beautiful woman’s face sits pretty, and enlightening in a corner on the circled chair

Last, but certainly not least, it’s no wonder that our customers compliment on the look of our neon signs, saying the sign really looks like a thousand dollar wall artwork. It does, indeed! You can either pick a pre-made design, and add a few personal requests to change the original version, or send us the raw image of the artwork, and we’ll help you transform it into the most beautiful illuminating artwork ever!

Neon sign for home decor

Beautiful Is this Art Neon Artwork looks like a well-made painting, resting prettily on the little cabinet.

Now that you’ve known the basics of neon signs, and how different kinds differ. Let’s get to work. How to style neon signs for your dear home? There are 6 steps you should follow in order to realize the most perfect sign for the corner.

Step 1: Choose a color scheme that matches your room's decor.

If your room has a mix of pink and other neutral colors, it’s better to make your sign pink to achieve the ultimate cohesive look. Also, vibrant colors like pink or red suit the minimalistic space better. 

If you want to bring color pops into your space, to introduce a sense of playfulness, then experiment with different colors. But if you want to keep it simple, and chic, a warm white or yellow would go well with most spaces. All in all, do think about the color of your sign, and how it would complement the overall decor of the room. 

Neon sign for home decor

Pink neon sign really ties the whole room together, while adding a pop of color into the space

Step 2: Decide on the text or image you want to display.

As mentioned already, neon signs allow you to choose the text, or image you want to show off, so if you have a funny quote that you’d love to see on the wall, then custom neon signs. But if it’s an image, let’s say of your dog or cat, then let’s go with a neon sign that displays the picture. Both look wonderful, and have special meaning behind, so you rock you!

Step 3: Consider the size and placement of the sign.

A very important next step is to measure the space you intend to hang the sign with a measuring tape. Precise measurements will do wonders as they will help determine the exact size of your sign, so it’ll be made fit for your space. 

Step 4Experiment with different font styles and arrangements.

Step 5Combine with other lighting elements to create a cohesive look.

Neon sign can stand alone, and still serve looks. However, you can add a few other lighting decor, like string lights to really wrap up the look. Check out the picture below to get the idea!

Neon sign for home decor

Beautiful LED neon sign showing the image of a cloud looks amazing along with other smaller circular LED bulbs

Why would you choose a neon sign?

There are plenty of reasons why choosing a neon sign as alternative lighting decor to your room is a beneficial investment. Here’s a few on the list.

  1. Adds a pop of color to the room.
  2. Makes a bold statement and adds character to your home
  3. Can be customized to display a favorite phrase or image.
  4. Provides an interesting visual element.
  5. Can be used as a focal point to draw attention, so those get-together moments will be added extra fun. 
  6. Can be used to create a specific atmosphere or mood. Like bring festivity to the room on Christmas for example, 
  7. Versatile and can fit different interior design styles. Neon lights are a great friend of interior decor styles as they only enhance, and never de-hance other decor items. 

What if you do not know which neon sign you want?

It’s totally okay to feel kinda lost on which neon sign you want for your room. Now, what should we do? Take a look around the room first, and think of how you want to elevate it?

Maybe a neon light displaying a funny, or sassy quote that you’ve had. Or you love an image, maybe a piece of architecture, or an animal and want to see the image illuminating every day in your room. In the worst case scenarios where you have nothing in mind, browse through the list of gorgeous neon signs on HelenLedCo

Looking to buy neon art?

Neon artwork makes stunning additions to any space, be it your bedroom, the communal living room or business space. Incorporating neon artwork will instantly raise the values, both visually and mentally of your place, leaving other people impressed on your sense of style.

Here’s a few handcrafted high quality neon artwork that are bestsellers at HelenLedCo

Neon sign for home decor

Bright, and vivid Pizza neon artwork that is best placed in the dining room, or kitchen to increase appetite

Neon sign for home decor

Breathtaking Lips dripping neon sign that is perfect for lighting up the living area

Neon sign for home decor
Neon sign for home decor

Astronaut eating hamburgers neon light makes adds accent to the white wall

Now that you’ve seen quite a few of our best illuminating neon signs for home, let’s get to the real work. Design your own at HelenledCo or buy a pre-made design and then add a few requests to get your hands on your dream sign now!