neon sign for room
Decorating is not simply a look but a point of view. If you want to update the look of your living room, a neon sign is a perfect choice for you. Let’s figure out how neon signs can fit your living room in this blog.

Why choose a neon sign for the living room?

Neon light is alluring, long-lasting and never out of style, so many people choose neon signs to refresh the living room. Here’s the reason why they’re so popular as living room decorations.

Light up your room, brighten your mood

A neon sign not only illuminates your living room but also creates a different mood. Light coming from neon signs is not ordinary but in more chill vibe by adding more colors to the room. Any color of lighting can affect your mood in different ways. Yellow light, for example, creates a cozy, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere while also improving the lighting performance of the space.
neon sign for room

Yellow neon light to create warm feeling for space

A revolution of decoration

Are you bored of the same old look of your living room's appearance? Then neon signs are exactly what you need for a room makeover. Neon signs can bring a refreshing breeze of change to any corner as their glory and stunning appearance. They also create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and enjoyable space to relax or enjoy a movie after a long day working.
neon sign for room

Cozy living room with a neon sign to unwind after work

Neon signs for your lifestyle

A neon sign is a perfect way to show your living style and define who you are. There is a wide range of unique neon styles and colors to choose from, so you can find one that most suits your taste. Furthermore, neon signs for the living room will give a wow reaction and leave a lasting impression on your lucky guests or family reunion attendees. Imagine a home party with friends in an extremely chill space emanating from the neon lights. Such an unforgettable moment that will last forever in your heart!
neon sign for room

Chill with homies at home party

Neon sign idea for living room

Neon signs are available in various colors and styles, and they can be personalized to suit your personal preferences. Here are 3 unique neon signs idea suggestions for living room decoration as follows:
  • Neon sign sayings: These are neon signs in the form of featuring quotes, love stories, inspirational quotes, etc. These neon signs are used to bring up positive energy or create a joyful atmosphere for you and significant others.

neon sign for room

Neon signs Follow your dream as inspirational quotes

  • Neon sign artwork: A type of neon sign in the form of art, graphics, animals, etc. Neon shapes can be found in a variety of eye-catching and diverse shapes that will make your living room more interesting and lively.

neon sign for room

Cute bulldog neon sign idea for your living room

  • Custom neon signs: This is a type of neon sign that is customized to your specifications, such as someone's name, a favorite quote, or any image and message you desire. This is a specific neon light that fits your personality as a unique mark, and you will be the first one to get it. Besides, it could be ordered as a unique gift for family and friends on any occasion.

neon sign for room

Custom your own neon sign

How to decorate with neon signs in a living room?

There is no doubt that neon signs are popular due to their convenience and ease of use. With neon signs, your living room would be transformed in a matter of seconds with just two simple steps.
First, think of the perfect location to place these magnificent neon lights. It can be hung on the wall, over the sofa, or in any other corner you want. And then turn on the light and put your feet up in the cozy space. Surely you will be immersed in the glowing landscape and lovely light from the neon signs.
neon sign for room

The perfect place to hang neon lights

Choose the perfect neon sign for your living room

Now it’s time to select your own neon sign for the living room. Remember to set a budget before you go shopping. Considering your spending limit is an essential step. It is easier to find what you need if you have a clear idea of how much you can afford.
Furthermore, take your time to think of the design or color that you dream of, and consider the ideal location to hang that as well. Sizes are also important for being visible from a distance and fitting the space perfectly. After carefully measuring the area, write down some notes to start searching for the neon signs.
Here we suggest a few tips for you to keep in mind:
  • Consider the font if you’re about to choose a neon sign quote.
  • How much do you want to pay?
  • Where should you hang it?
  • Single color or multiple colors?
  • What about shapes and sizes?
neon sign for room

Unique neon sign artworks

In summary, neon signs are definitely a good choice for your living room decor collection. We hope that you will soon find out the favorite neon signs that define your own unique living style. Besides, make sure to check out our other posts in HelenLedCo Neon signs for house decorating series to have more brilliant ideas for your room makeover.