christmas neon sign

Christmas Neon Sign will entirely transform a dull theme into a fascinating one. Check out top 6 Christmas Neon Sign shouldn’t be missed on this special occasion of the year.

If you’re looking for any ideas to trim your spaces in the upcoming Christmas event, Top 6 Christmas Neon Sign from HelenLedCo is going to give you the ultimate magic trick that does wonders for Xmas gleaming silhouette decoration.

christmas neon sign
Christmas Neon Sign

Merry Christmas

When it comes to Noel decoration sign, it’s obviously talking about the Neon Sign with text Merry Christmas. We are now in November and signs for Christmas are dominating every nook and cranny. Shops, Restaurants, and Houses are spruced with tons of decorative items and a Merry Christmas Neon Sign. One handcrafted masterpiece like this will enhance the aesthetics in every single space in your home, rooms, stores, and dormitory,...
christmas neon sign
Merry Christmas Neon Sign
christmas neon sign
Christmas Neon Sign Christmas Hat LED

Not only the perfect way to inject some of your personalities into the space but also represent the welcoming for one of the most favorite festivals at the end of the year. Splendid lighting from the most recognizable color when Christmas is mentioned, a perfect billboard Christmas LED neon sign will be a magnet to attract festival lovers. By the way, house or acquaintance-gathering places that are decorated with ablaze Merry Christmas neon sign all arouse warmth, reunion, and delight.
Our LED Neon Signs are built for long-time utilities so you can use them for years without being afraid of damage over time. The backboard is produced from acrylic and parts of the work are multilayered so is capable of strong impact. Designed not only for durability but also the artistry. This indispensable item - Merry Christmas Neon Sign can’t be missed on the very last occasion at the end of the year.

Santa Claus

After the name of the event, let’s go with some symbols in this special holiday and the icon one, host of the event - Santa or Santa Clause. Whoever is in love with Christmas but not Santa Claus! The answer is easy and you know that you must have an adorable Santa Led Neon Sign decorated in your spaces.

christmas neon sign
Mr. Santa With His Burlap Gifts Neon Sign

If you’re telling me that you want to set some neon sign light in your spaces, you need to put a Santa Claus LED neon sign on top of the list. You mention miracle Christmas, then it equals to Santa Claus and his endless gifts. A whole cozy and festive vibe will come right up to your places at the moment these neon signs are on. Glint hues will draw people to happiness and exhilaration to receive blessing gifts and true-coming dreams.

Unlike traditional gas neon, we offer the latest tech in producing Neon Sign with led neon strips mounted inside a silicone tube, so lights are much more vivid and radiant. Your Santa will become livelier and anybody coming across this will pop up the image of a Christmas theme.


For every kid in this world, we introduce the Snowman Neon Sign. We are familiar with the scenario when a snowman shows up, it means that Christmas is on the way. Santa is not the only icon character shining here, let’s bring some festive mood into your home with Snowman Neon Sign. Besides the default version, we now have two more artworks: Plump Snowman and Hugging Snowman. Things are ready to go, so check out if you're interested in.
christmas neon sign
UV Printed LED Neon Sign

Is not listed in popular culture as Santa Claus or a pine tree, Snowman is still an important part whenever Christmas atmosphere hits your door. Building a snowman is now a natural reflex but how could you do that when your place doesn’t have any blizzards?
LED Snowman neon sign will eliminate all the problems and give you a new upgrade of a snowman: Years of maintenance and never melt, the ability to shimmer and inject pop of radiant colors into your rooms and business spaces. Modern lighting from this neon sign will show you how could this be worth purchasing like that.
Noel is the time for gathering, delighted and joyful, but a little bit funky and playful with this Mischievous Snowman Face neon sign might bring the vibe to a new excitement. A cunning smile may be inappropriate for children but young adults tend to enjoy it immensely. Display it at the right place while playing some games or pranks must be a worth-trying experience.
Family uses or business needs are all supported with sturdy hardware. No fire hazard, short circuit or easy break. Standard Adapter has Input AC 100-240V and Output at 12V 5A. All power cords come with a suitable jack fitting every region and country in the world. Products are manufactured to high standards, so that safety of users is guaranteed while the neon signs are in operation.

Christmas Gifts

One of the most used adjectives in this event is magical. And there is no doubt that magic is all about wishes coming true and gifts being handed out. Christmas Gifts Neon Sign is made for those reasons. Hoping for a cheer Noel full of happiness and gifts is the intention when making this neon artwork.
Along with the purposes applied in this event, the Christmas Gifts Neon Sign has graffiti that can be used in different events or parties. Detailed as a gift box containing lots of meaning and multiuse goals is an optimal choice for those who want to have an ultimate event silhouette decor.
christmas neon sign
Christmas Gift LED Neon Sign

Christmas Tree

Tree or Pine Tree is another symbol when Christmas arrives, and besides Merry Christmas, Santa, Snowman, Christmas Gifts,... Christmas Tree is a worthwhile idea when decorating your private space or business. If those decorations for Christmas are so popular and you want something new, an oddly normal option, this Christmas Tree Led Neon Sign can be a bright candidate.

christmas neon sign
LED Neon Pine Tree

A Christmas tree neon sign is not just a simple pine tree design with flashing color, eventually, it offers you more than that. It has versatile usages when you can have it as a decorative element, a centerpiece of the room as a Christmas signal, or maybe a symbol of personality when pine tree represents immortality and eternal life.

Christmas Deer

LED Neon Signs benefit from different existing designs. Those are iconic festive shapes such as snowflakes, candy, Santa, Santa's hat,..
christmas neon sign
Christmas Deer Neon Sign

A stunning deer neon sign with a smiling face is a perfect option for your kids when they want something flashy and gleaming in the bedroom not just when Christmas coming but also the following days. The face belongs to a young deer with glowing light yellow make it more like a wonderland for any child who has this right at the place. It’s totally safe, eyes protected, and environmentally-friendly. Sturdy materials and high-tech manufacture cause no fire risk with long operation.
Known as Santa’s movement and transportation means, deer or reindeer is identified as wisdom, knowledge, creativity, long lifespan, and good stamina under harsh weather,... So if you want a particular Noel trimming, which can not only express the theme of this peaceful and cheerful occasion but also show your personality, pick up these Christmas Deer Neon Signs.

Other decorations

The above recommendations are some ubiquitous options that you can choose to sparkle and set up your space when Christmas is nearly approaching. There are endless decor ideas that you can bring and design with led neon signs to fulfill the atmosphere with spiritual, grateful and warm-hearted feelings.

Another motifs for this silhouette trimming are: socks, elf, snowy mountain castle,... Christmas kitsch decor like baubles, beautiful Christmas scenes, snowflakes, nutcrackers,... These are seasonal decor items that you can bring the whole Christmas vibe into reality.
christmas neon sign
Christmas Sock Neon Sign

You want something to contain gifts from “Santa”, just pick up a sock. But if you want something artistic, harmonious, arouse feelings of unexpected presents and a bit flashy. Get yourself a Christmas Sock Neon Sign instead. This handcrafted LED neon sign will create a warm, cozy, and gathering atmosphere for your home or festival.
christmas neon sign

Custom christmas neon sign for you

If the pre-made neon sign does not fit your demands, we offer a customized neon design that you can tell us anything that you want to put on that board and with just a few manufacture and delivery time, it’ll be right at the front of your door.
These are a few shares from HelenLedCo about Top 6 Neon Sign ideas for an intriguing Christmas decoration. Hope you can find your inspiration here and have a good preparation for the upcoming Christmas.