wedding neon sign
For those who want to steal the scene, out-glitter others, lighten up the venue and make the day last for a lifetime while on a budget, the wedding neon sign is the must-have element in your day. It's an excellent idea to personalize your wedding and take it to the next level, letting people enjoy the day as well as admire your love story for days to come. If you adore this fantastic idea, look over Helen's inspirational wedding series right away!

Better Together Wedding Neon Sign

The phrase "Better Together" is frequently seen not only at wedding receptions but also in normal daily life. It reflects a healthy relationship in which you two have each other’s back and turn to them whenever you’re struggling. In that relationship, every couple can boost their productivity, well-being, personal growth, and become a better version of themselves.
This saying is terrific to use when you want to convey your feelings for your significant other while also making them incredibly happy and excited. It is even better when you put it up on an acrylic artboard, add some radiant neon lights, and it finally turns out precious memorabilia for you two.
wedding neon sign

Beautiful photo backdrop with Better Together wedding neon sign

As your big day is coming around the corner, let's make it last forever with decorations. The wedding neon sign should be the very first addition to the venue. Because of its stunning look and versatility, the sign complements other items very well and highlights the day efficiently. When you have the sign, you will know how to use others strategically.
wedding neon sign

Another shape of the Better Together wedding LED neon sign

wedding neon sign

The brilliance of the Better Together sign at the wedding arch

The Better Together neon sign looks great at any time of day or night. It emits opulent light, happiness, passion, and excitement. For those who haven’t made up their minds, the wedding neon sign comes in several sizes, shapes, and colors, allowing you to become an artist when mixing and matching it until it fully reflects yourself.

Happily Ever After

When you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner, live an untroubled life, and settle down in a romantic relationship for a lifetime, say it out loud to them. In case you can’t do it verbally, let us give you a hand. How about making a wedding neon sign that has that meaningful saying engraved on the transparent board and covering it with multiple luminous lights? Such an incredible idea!
When bringing this to your wedding reception and displaying it at the entrance, it will not only serve as an expression but also be a breathtakingly lovely wedding backdrop. The neon sign fills in the void of wedding decoration, giving off all the fantastic features and making the day more appealing.
wedding neon sign

Happily Ever After neon sign at the flower entrance

It can also be used as a direction for the wedding day. By displaying it prominently, guests will be able to easily find their way to your location. Also, it will give off a warm welcome, letting them enjoy the party thoroughly. When investing in a wedding neon sign, indeed, your day will never go wrong!

Drunk In Love

As Beyoncé’s fan, how could you miss this saying on your day? This iconic phrase will assist you in conveying your emotion, expressing your deep feelings toward your lifetime partner, and conveying how much you value having them in your life. Because of its meaning, more and more pairs are taking advantage of it on the day.
wedding neon sign

Hanging the Drunk In Love at the focal point of the greenery wall

This wedding neon sign not only exudes warmth and merriment but can also be used as a decorative piece. It helps brighten up the venue, makes things whimsical, immerses the guests into a romantic world, entices them to raise a toast, and marks your day at the same time.
If you’re afraid of wedding costs, don’t be. The sign is super affordable as well as energy-efficient. When turned on from dusk til dawn, the neon sign uses roughly the same amount of energy as a standard lightbulb.
wedding neon sign

Drunk In Love wedding neon sign in pink color

As we’ve mentioned, the neon sign is one of the most versatile decorative items ever. It comes in various options, allowing you to choose from them until they meet your needs and preferences. The Drunk in Love wedding neon sign looks splendid not only on the greenery wall but also at the wedding arch. Additionally, it is safe to use on an outside wedding party. With these advanced features, how can you skip them and let the day settle for dull decorations?

It Was Always You

It’s never out of style to spread love and declare our deep feelings at the wedding reception. The sky is the limit. So, you can say whatever you want them to know, letting them know that your heart beats only for them. If you haven’t decided yet, how about the saying “It Was Always You”? It’s a meaningful and adorable saying that everyone should hear once in their life.
wedding neon sign

Using It Was Always You wedding neon sign as a stunning backdrop

The wedding day is definitely your day. So, make sure you won’t lose your spotlight on this kind of day. If you crave perfection, brilliance, and all eyes on you, let the It Was Always You neon sign do magic for you. Not only can it be used as a constant wedding reminder but also as an adequate light source, brightening the whole space, holding all attention, and stealing the scene for you.
wedding neon sign

It Was Always You neon sign on the flower wall

Another way to place the wedding neon sign is hanging it on the flower wall. This way, you can have your very own wedding backdrop, allowing you and your partner to take photos with invitees. This is a contemporary way to display the wedding neon sign. So, after the day, you can take it down and bring it home. The sign will give off warm and happy feelings, making your house become a homey and inviting space.

Til Death

Til Death is a fun alternative way to tell everyone that nothing can split you two. You and your soon-to-be spouse are meant to meet and fall in love together. So no matter how many tough times you’ve been through, you guys will never be apart. When it comes to Til Death wedding neon sign, there are lots of pairs go for the red color option. But if you want to personalize your decoration, we still have another option for you to opt for. Plus, you can add your own unique characters to the board, turning it into a one-of-a-kind sign for the day. With your special detail, everyone will easily notice where your party is.
wedding neon sign

The Til Death neon sign when looking close

wedding neon sign

Til Death neon sign is truly a killer statement for wedding reception

When hanging the neon sign on the wedding arch, it creates a snap-worthy backdrop, giving you a chance to take glorious pictures and make the day memorable for a lifetime. If you want to go creative, define your personality and personal style, and make your big day engraved on your invitees' minds, go for this head-tuner!

Mr & Mrs

It's not surprising at all when seeing Mr & Mrs. phrase at the wedding venue, usually on the traditional wooden wall, or a simple vows, etc. But to make it more appealing and impressive, we can put this on a transparent backboard and give them some multi-colored neon lights. This way, not only can it be used for a wedding decoration but also as a light source, illuminating the whole venue and making the atmosphere whimsical.
wedding neon sign

Mr & Mrs Wedding LED Neon Sign For Nuptial

If you think this wedding neon sign is too simple, let’s add more details to it. Jot your visualization down, send it via Helen’s website, and wait for miracles to knock on your door. Our creative designers will work it out for you in about 24 hours and give you a splendidly detailed mock-up. So, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need something special enough for your important upcoming day.
wedding neon sign

Mr & Mrs neon sign on the wedding floral wall

If you're new to the world of neon signs, there's one thing you should know: neon signs can also be used in your home. Your neon sign will go smoothly whether in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even your home office. It can be used not only as an efficient light source but also as a valuable keepsake for a lifetime, reminding you of the romantic atmosphere and intimate feel of your wedding day.
To sum up, the wedding neon sign is genuinely a bee’s knee. Surely it will pack a punch for your day as long as you use the decorative items strategically. If you’re interested in these kinds of articles, don’t forget to follow our blog. There are a lot of fantastic ones for you to explore. Thus, take time and let us give you a hand to take your day to the next level.