bedroom neon lights

The area where you rest should be illuminated with special lighting that awakens in you feelings of tranquility while still feeling distinctive. In this case, bedroom neon lights are a unique way to make your relaxing room appear innovative and mysterious.

So, whether you're looking for cool ideas to decorate a kids' sleeping room,  a couple's wedding master-bedroom, or just for your bedroom, this blog will help you find the things out.

Decorating With Neon Lights

 Bedroom neon lights for DecorBedroom neon lights for Decor

You might want something more unique such as bedroom neon lights to decorate your space instead of the basic bed lights. For anyone who enjoys an interior with a little bit of edge, neon lights are primarily a daring home decorating element. They are such a unique way to make your room appear innovative and mysterious when all other lights are turned off and the neon lights shine the dull room.

 Bedroom neon lights for kidsBedroom neon lights for kids

A large bright neon sign would be an excellent choice if you're looking for creative items to decorate your kid's bedroom. Children typically enjoy neon lights because of their brightness, which has the magical power to keep monsters away when night falls.

You can choose a funky neon light as a birthday present for your children and observe how they react to his newly illuminated room.

Wedding bedroom neon lights for coupleWedding bedroom neon lights for couple

What do a newlywed couple prefer in their bedroom? Perhaps a romantic, lovely, and cozy setting for them. A Wedding bedroom neon light is necessary to evoke that sense of atmosphere in the space. Their light not only highlights the whole living space and marks the room corner, but it also creates the ideal mood for you. With neon lights, you will wake up every day full of love.

Tips On Choosing Color Combination

 Bedroom neon lights for RoomsBedroom neon lights for Rooms

When decorating and accentuating any room design, colors are an important element. Many people often make the mistake of forgetting to consider the color coding when purchasing a neon sign for their home. Therefore, regardless of how lovely your new neon sign appears, failing to take into account the color of the background can severely undermine your decorative goals.

First, bear in mind that you should avoid using dark colors together. For instance, if your bedroom's walls are black, avoid using neon signs in shades of brown, navy, or deep purple. Not only making that corner look terribly dull, it would also make it feel very depressing.

 Cute Bedroom neon lights for childrenCute Bedroom neon lights for children

Second, contrast colors are typically diametrically opposed in tint and hue. Contrast colors concentrate on highlighting the differences between each other, as opposed to complementary colors, which emphasize each other.

As a result, to make a big impression, consider using neon lights in colors that contrast with the color of the wall. For instance, using pink neon lights against a black background may make both stand out equally and produce a stunning visual.

 Cartoon Bedroom neon lights for kidsCartoon Bedroom neon lights for kids

Third, always think about the locations where the neon sign will be used when choosing the color. When selecting color combinations, consider the ambience you want to create in the room.

For example, if you want to create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere, use soft pastels. Meanwhile, brighter colors are better if you're going for an upbeat or exciting vibe. For a cozy and warm mood, use warm colors such as yellow due to their psychological impact on your feelings.

What To Look For In A Sign?

After placing an order for a neon sign, you may be looking forward to receiving one that is not only beautiful but also complements the rest of the room's decor. If this is the case, we have some suggestions to help you find the best neon sign.

 Gaming bedroom neon lights for boysGaming bedroom neon lights for boys

  • Perfect size: Before placing an order, measure the wall or area where you want your neon to be installed. It will assist you in determining the size of your neon sign. Find out how much of your wall or other space your neon should occupy by carefully taking a real measurement.
  • Right location: Take into account the location of your neon sign as this may affect the size and final design. Additionally, you should put your neon sign close to a power source. Along with that, consider the color scheme of the room and think of which color will make the design stand out the most.

 Astronaut bedroom neon signAstronaut bedroom neon sign

  • Good quality neon light: To get the best neon lights that last a long time and provide bright illumination, you should purchase them from a reputable company with good manufacturing and delivery. At HelenLedCo, we use appropriate and pure materials, as well as all necessary precautions and steps, to create neon signs of the highest quality that meet your requirements.

Design Ideas That Work With Neon Lights

The very last thing you want is to feel frustrated with your bedroom decor, but neon lighting can prevent that from happening. Below are some fantastic suggestions for where to display them in your bedroom.

On the ceiling

Planet neon lights for sleeping roomPlanet neon lights for sleeping room

If you want to create a beautiful, creative night sky in your bedroom, you can hang some star neon lighting on the ceiling. You can also hang a neon crescent for a perfect night's sleep under the radiating moon every day, even when it is not visible in the sky.

Above your bed

Neon lights above your bedNeon lights above your bed

Setting neon lights above your bed is a great way to make your bedroom look more appealing. This not only provides additional light during the day but also aids in your sleep thanks to the beautiful light glow.

Neon sign on wall or headboard

Bedroom neon lights to decorate on wallBedroom neon lights to decorate on wall

Neon lights that appear to be an extension of the headboard are an excellent way to decorate a bedroom for kids in a unique way. You can also hang it on the wall of your room and emit just the right amount of light for you to see what you're doing. Don’t worry! The light is not enough to prevent you from sleeping peacefully once you're in bed.

In front of the window

 Stunning neon lights place by the windowStunning neon lights place by the window

It is a good idea to place some neon signs directly in front of your window to create a gorgeous scenery and reflect against it like a mirror. If you want to use natural light instead of artificial light sources for your room, a neon sign is definitely a great option to go for.

On closet doors

Consider installing neon lighting near the top of the door frame if you need more lighting inside your walk-in closet. You can also use it instead of regular room labels or room tags to mark the doors of your special closets.

 Gorgeous neon lights for your relaxing spaceGorgeous neon lights for your relaxing space

At HelenLedCo, we will work with you to design your bedroom neon lights exactly how you envision it. Seek more inspiration on the HelenLedCo website and let our neon lights ideas illuminate your mind!