neon sign for home

Neon signs add fun to plain interiors, and allow you to make personal statements in your own space. They’re gorgeous, and versatile decor items that are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be anything, from quotes, images, animals, or whimsical designs that just scream your individuality. Don’t know how to incorporate neon lights into your living space so as to elevate the entire decor scheme. Look no more! The answer is right below, scroll down for more!

How to add neon signs to your home

Finding the right place to put up your neon sign

When it comes to hanging spot, you can set this neon light of your choice in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and home office. More specifically, you should place this gorgeous illuminating decor next to chest of drawers, above the bedside table, on wall decals, next to flower pot or anywhere you want to add color pops and magical lighting. 

All in all, as long as the placement gives your eyes pleasure, and of course serves a need, there’s no rules honestly. Work it based on your own needs, and liking.

neon sign for room

Red and large heart-shaped neon sign placed next to the chest of drawers

neon sign for room

Yellow HELLO mounted on baby pink sign placed above the bedside table 

neon sign for room

Perfect white cloud-shaped neon sign lighting up the intricate wall decals

neon sign for room

Banana-shaped neon sign placed against the white walls

Custom your neon sign

When you scroll for a while, and haven’t found the right one for you just yet, let’s take matters into our hands, and design your own. At the end of the day, it’s your space, so you’re the boss!

neon sign for room

Large and pink Kiss me beneath the milky twilight neon sign placed in a corner in the communal area

neon sign for room

Various neon signs of whimsical designs unusually hung on bedroom walls above the headboard to bring artistic vibes to the room

Sexy lips neon sign

Sexy lips neon sign with cut-to-board frame placed on the mini table to complement the vintage look

Where to hang neon signs for your home

Now, we have seen how brilliantly people have incorporated neon signs for home to enhance the look of their space. And it’s our turn to show off our good taste in interior designs, and let it manifest within the comfort of your own home. 

Of course, there are no rules to where you can, and cannot display your signs, since they’re gorgeous illuminating decor that looks good anywhere. However, to achieve the best look, and make the best out of neon signs ‘cause why not, we’ve compiled amazing guide for you. Just scroll down to get inspired!

In your bedroom

Bedroom is an amazing spot for hanging a neon sign. The designs can range from name, favorite quotes, or sexy images…..etc. Each design and pattern serves a purpose. If you want your bedroom to look and feel special, neon light displaying your name only, or you and your spouse’s name is the perfect choice. If you want to make personal statements through meaningful, or sassy made-up quotes, pick lyrics to your favorite songs or sassy quotes and make it neon light. 

For married couples, neon signs displaying sexy images, like sexy lips, or female figures can really spice up the love life between you and your spouse. Our signs can be anything from shapes, sizes, colors and messages, so make up your mind, draw some sketch and let us turn your vision into neon light. 

Cute name neon sign

Cute name neon sign with a heart hung above the bed headboard to give a special intimate glow

Pink neon sign

Pink neon sign displaying Taylor Swift song lyrics quotes placed above the headboard in a pinky aesthetic room decor

Sassy quotes in gorgeous warm white neon lighting

Sassy quotes in gorgeous warm white neon lighting all in a dark green banana leaves themed room 

neon sign for room

Sexy female back glowing in neon lighting placed next to a faux flower pot, on bedside table in the bedroom

Your children's room

Decorate your kids’ bedroom with their name neon sign glowing above the headboard, or in a plain corner. I’m sure this new addition will not only brighten up your kids’ bedroom, but also bring joy to them whenever they’re in this space. Especially during those down moments where our children feel let down or unmotivated to be themselves, this lighting decor will instantly light up a torch in their souls, and cheer them up no matter what. 

You can customize neon signs showing moon, star, heart, flower, plant, cloud….or any other nature-themed objects. Wishful quotes, like Good night, sweet dreams, Hello sunshine……… suit the room as well. 

See how parents designed neon signs for their kids, and hopefully you can get inspired to design yours.

Cute pink name neon sign

Cute pink name neon sign with a heart above the headboard 

Hello sunshine in glowing warm white

Hello sunshine in glowing warm white color neon sign to brighten up the bedroom for kids

star-shaped neon signs

Bright and colorful heart and star-shaped neon signs as good fairy to guard your kids’ sleep

meaningful neon sign quotes

Sweet, and meaningful neon sign quotes to adorn the kids’ bedspace

Mini home office

After the Covid-19 pandemic, lots of our work operations have been transferred from the workplace to the humble corner called home office. It’s time to take this opportunity, and use meaningful and motivating quotes to uplift and empower your spirits every time you work here.

 If you’re the funny gal, design a funny quote and make it neon to lighten up the atmosphere. Or go for a vibrant neon light to create warmth in the workspace so that those working hours become less cold, and more comfortable. 

Motivating baby pink neon sign quotes

Motivating baby pink neon sign quotes to brighten and add accent to that little home office 

Warm pink neon light

Warm pink neon light that gives the entire home office a special glow, and merry feelings


GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS neon sign to adorn that girly and feminine workspace of the IT modern girl

In your living area

If you have a boring, and uninspiring living area, now is the time to transform this, and live your best life with gorgeous living space. If you prefer the less is more approach, go for simple quotes, like Good vibes only, There’s no place like home or Let’s stay home to add character to the space. Or adorn the simple brick-filled wall with colorful flowers to dress up the cozy corner. 

For larger walls in bigger living room, design whimsical neon signs, and hang them as abstract wall mural, like a curved line or multiple circles enlightened in neon light. This look is so chic, and enough to spruce up the atmosphere in an elegant way. 

Orange neon quotes

Orange neon quotes cast a warm orange glow over the entire space

neon sign for home

The pinky shade of neon light casts a gorgeous glow over the entire outdoor living room, giving magical vibes like a nightclub 

neon sign for home

Abstract wall mural made by LED neon strips 

White neon sign

White neon sign that contrasts the natural green of nature and add a bold modern touch 

In your kitchen

Make statement within the dining area, so when guests come over, they’ll be wowed by your brilliance, and boldness. Or if you have a large space that is looking pretty doom, and gloomy, brighten up that corner with a bright vibrant neon sign of your choice. 

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s the space where everyone gathers for warm meals at the end of the day. If it’s not inviting enough, then where else? 

Let’s see how our customers elevated their kitchen with just neon sign!

neon sign for home

A quirky, and cool neon sign quote to kick off every wholesome meal

neon sign for home

Banana-shaped neon sign to add fun, and brightness to the already colorful kitchen

neon sign for home
Pinky neon sign adds playful touch into the simplistic decor, and of course color pops 

To wrap up, I hope that this article on best neon signs for home decor will inspire you for your upcoming home makeover. Let’s light up that somber corner in your house, and welcome new things into your life.