custom LED neon signs for business

Are you a business owner or store owner looking for a cost-effective way to promote your brand and inspire your employees? Fortunately, you don't have to put in as much time and effort to get the best solution - Custom LED neon signs for business are a great option for you.

Benefits of Neon Signs for Your Business

Custom LED Neon Signs for Nail studioCustom LED Neon Signs for Nail studio

Custom LED neon signs for business are energy efficient. The neon electrodes stay cool to the touch because they don't use filament like other types of bulbs do. This is a safer option for indoor signage around restaurants, or offices, and also uses less energy.

In fact, neon consumes between 50 and 60 percent less electricity than most contemporary signs. Meanwhile, bulbs use twice as much electricity but are less effective at attracting customers to your company. Additionally, you save money each month on your energy bill because custom logo neon signs consume less energy than a regular lightbulb.

Custom LED Neon Signs for BusinessCustom LED Neon Signs for Business

Neon signs are long-lasting and simple to care for. Neon signs are basically less difficult to maintain than other types of illuminated signs. When compared to the lifespan of an ordinary lightbulb, they last longer because they are properly built by skilled craftsmen.

A neon light will typically last for ten years or more, and when they do fail, it is due to wiring issues or deterioration rather than bulb failure. Thus, your neon signage will serve your company for a very long time if you keep up with routine maintenance.

Durable Custom LED Neon SignsDurable Custom LED Neon Signs

LED neon is eye-catching and visible from a distance: Having a neon sign will increase the visibility of your company to anyone who enters the building because neon signs are immediately recognizable.

With a colorful and stunning custom LED neon sign, your store will stand out from the competition. Customers frequently love taking and sharing pictures of these signs because they are so memorable, which is a fantastic way to reach a larger audience.

Ideas of Custom Neon Signs for Your Company 

Custom LED Neon Signs for CompanyCustom LED Neon Signs for Company

If you are searching for some custom neon signs for your company, here are a few different ideas for you. You don't have to choose from an available bunch of stock with basic symbols or text; instead, you can design accurately what you need and select your own design and colors.

Company Logo & Name 

Making a custom neon sign of your company's name is another effective way to stand out if you lack a distinctive logo or would choose to to emphasize it. Make your company's logo into a vivid, eye-catching neon sign rather than a flat, one-dimensional label.

Custom LED Neon Signs for Company’s NameCustom LED Neon Signs for Company’s Name

The sign is prominently displayed on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and others that aid in brand awareness promotion without being overt by producing shareable images with the company logo in the background. Since there are many different ways to design signs, if your company already has a particular look or font, you can incorporate that into the neon sign you create.

Quotes in Your Meeting Room 

Quote Custom LED Neon Signs in Meeting roomQuote Custom LED Neon Signs in Meeting room

You can spice up your regular staff meetings by placing a catchy phrase or a group of words that summarize your company's core values in the meeting area.  You can choose quotations that inspire your employees or are pertinent to your industry to decorate your workspace.

You can, for example, choose short motivational quotes like "Do it - Don’t quit" or "Think big" that can be used for almost any type of business. Alternatively, you can create your own neon sign that best represents the company's values, such as "Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning".

Custom LED Neon Signs represents the company's valueCustom LED Neon Signs represents the company's value

A brief and straightforward quote sign usually suffices for office. You can consider  a quote that is only a few words long because you want the quote to be visible and readable as soon as your team or clients walk into the boardroom. Longer quotes would be less effective because they would take longer to read.

Corporate Event Signs 

Custom LED Neon Signs for StoreCustom LED Neon Signs for Store

Hosting a corporate conference or event with LED neon signs is a great way to showcase your company in a beautiful setting while also leaving your clients and partners with a strong impression of your brand.

A hotel or any other venue can be transformed into a custom showcase of your brand message and mission with custom neon lighting. By doing this, you can instill a sense of authority and brand trust in your customers and partners and keep them focused on your company throughout the event.

Company Party 

If you are planning a Year End party, an anniversary party, or any other type of company party, LED neon will be a useful decoration item. Beside  impressing clients or buyers, you can also use a neon sign as a fun addition to impress company employees.

Custom LED Neon Signs for Company partiesCustom LED Neon Signs for Company parties

You can set it up in a distinct area surrounded by other decor, such as flowers or balloons, and allow your employees to use it as a photo booth area. As a result, your sign will appear in the background in all of their photos.

Meaningful Imagery 

Artwork neon signs for BusinessArtwork neon signs for Business

If you want something more unique for your workspace rather than just text, you can choose an artwork neon signs. It's not necessary to only show the name of your business. Your company may be represented better by a particular image in your mind, such as a mascot, a specific item, or a location. If not, you can choose any neon shape based on the department areas you want to decorate or the industry in which your company operates.

Create a Custom Neon Sign for Your Business 

Customize your LED Neon SignsCustomize your LED Neon Signs

Custom neon signs can be utilized in a variety of professional settings, including different office spaces and corporate events. A custom neon sign is a good way to increase interest and morale at any event, clients meeting, a product launch, or corporate training. Let's begin making your neon sign right away.

Quote idea for your custom LED neon signsQuote idea for your custom LED neon signs

At HelenLedCo, anything you can imagine can be turned into a custom LED neon sign. If you still lack inspiration to design your own neon sign for your company, visit our website to find more ideas for your workspace area.