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Neon signs are iconic and so popular all over the world. However, can neon signs be left outside in cold or hot weather? Many business owners often ask themselves this question when considering how to grow their clientele.

If you have the same question, you've come to the right place. Here, we will discuss everything from it. So read on and find out more about what you need to know about outdoor neon signs.

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Neon Signs?

LED neon signs for placing outdoorLED neon signs for placing outdoor

The ability to be waterproof is the most crucial component of outdoor neon signs. Both traditional neon signs and LED neon signs must be specially designed to be water-resistant for outdoor use. While indoor signs only have an acrylic base and LED light tubes, outdoor neon signs will have glues and silicones to protect the wires and seal everything to keep water out.

Outdoor LED lights, in contrast to indoor signs, are typically intended to be seen from greater distances and frequently from higher elevations. Meanwhile, indoor neon signs are designed to be viewed at a closer distance. As a result, they are designed to be much less bright, whereas outdoor LED signs are made to be brighter. Furthermore, because outdoor lights are typically seen from a long distance, they can use lower resolutions without sacrificing visibility.

Outdoor neon signs is waterproofOutdoor neon signs are waterproof

Display durability, like brightness, is influenced by the environment. Since indoor LED displays aren't exposed to inclement weather, they naturally need less protection, which reduces their durability. On the other hand, outdoor LED signs need weather protection measures, which impact how they are manufactured. 

To ensure that they withstand moisture and that exposure to the sun won't degrade the materials' quality or the sign's brightness, they must be covered with additional materials. In contrast, indoor neon signs don't need all of this unless you plan to use them in rooms or locations where they might get wet.

Can Neon Signs Stand Cold and Hot Weather?

Outdoor neon signs for your front store decorationOutdoor neon signs for your front store decoration

You may probably wonder if your neon lights will be affected when the temperature in your living area drops. Neon signs can sometimes become less visible due to cold temperatures. The temperature drop has an effect on the materials, causing the loss of brightness. Because Argon gas has a negative reaction to colder temperatures, any signs that use it may dim or flicker when it gets cold.

Meanwhile, heat has no effect on neon signs when they are placed outside. In fact, neon signs do not become too hot when used outdoors, contrary to popular belief. These lights had put through much more rigorous testing during manufacturing than they will experience outside. As a result, unless your neon signs were improperly manufactured, there is no reason for heat from the sun to affect them.

Outdoor neon signs can stand in any weatherOutdoor neon signs can stand in any weather

However, with HelenLedCo LED lights, there is no need to be concerned about the weather being too hot for it or losing its brightness or durability because it is too cold. LED is stunning and performs better than expected in every way, making it possible for neon signs to be exposed to extremes of heat and cold. As a result, if you choose the right neon sign, they can be used in both cold and hot weather without issue.

What Neon Signs in our Store can be Used Outdoors?

Any type of neon sign can be used outside as long as the power cord plugged into the outlet is not wet. However, for the most long-lasting effect, you should carefully consider the materials and durability when selecting an outdoor neon sign.

Customize your name outdoor neon signsCustomize your name outdoor neon signs

If you want to design your own outdoor neon signs and be more cautious, HelenLedCo can prepare them with the appropriate materials to be used outdoors. Simply specify the outdoor neon light you want, and we'll make sure to include the outdoor features to protect it. Therefore, don't feel constrained to pick just a few when they can all be used indoors or out. We wanted to give you the freedom to design your own outdoor spaces.

Have a Look at Our Neon Collections:

We invite you to explore our neon collections and purchase any of the neon signs as an outdoor design. In the HelenLedCo store, we use the appropriate and pure materials to guarantee that there won't be freezing issues or heat on hot days. We are very confident in the resistance of our neon signs to temperature conditions with the best quality.

Outdoor neon signs for your businessOutdoor signs for your business

Any of our neon signs, from "Artwork Neon Sign" to "Custom Neon Signs," can be built to be used outside. You can also request a custom neon sign and add the waterproof and outdoor features to make it usable anywhere because we didn't want to limit your options or potential uses.

Neon signs for gardensNeon signs for gardens

If you're looking for a warm and welcoming design, we recommend our 'Home Decor' neon sign. However, if you're looking for neon light for any occasion or outdoor space, our 'Party - Event Neon Sign' designs are sure to impress. There are thousand of different designs that can look stunning outside, we will make sure to offer you choices that are not only attractive but also resilient and long-lasting. 

Trending outdoor signsTrending outdoor signs

Now that you have a better understanding of the outdoor neon lights, don’t hesitate to reach out to HelenLedCo for your business needs. We are committed to taking all necessary precautions and steps to create neon signs that will meet your needs and last for many years due to their high quality and protection.