Why you need neon signs for special events?

Neon signs are undoubtedly so on-trend currently! They can be seen anywhere, from the advertising to public places or private residences. Everyone adores them because they not only set the mood but also add an offbeat charm to any space in which they are placed.

So, why not use the most trending neon signs for your special events to get your guests jazzed from the get-go and create amazing moments? Let’s check out these neon light ideas for all kinds of special events and occasions down below!

Neon signs can be part of your wedding day

neon sign for events

A perfect neon sign for making a propose

Using neon signs for events such as weddings is a fantastic idea. Neon signs are a brilliant way to shine the whole wedding reception area since their light stands out from the crowd more than any other type of lighting. Their glow is sufficiently intense and vibrant enough to highlight your special day and grab everyone's attention. As a result, neon lights for a wedding are perfect for providing a splash of color and flair.

custom wedding neon light

Wedding neon sign makes your day more memorable

In addition, a custom wedding neon light is a wonderful way to make your celebration more unique. They are extremely simple to order and set up. If you tend to capture every moment of your big day in wedding photos and films, neon lights are ideal for this fantastic photo opportunity. They will be eye-catching decor pieces that will produce more cherished memories over time.

neon sign for events

Couple neon sign for any other romantic events

Wedding neon sign is not only suitable for wedding parties but also a fitting decor for any other romantic event such as an engagement party, Valentine's day celebration, bridal shower, anniversary, or a bachelorette party. This neon light makes a lovely present for the happy couple to use in their home to remind of their love. It also works well as indoor or outdoor decor to create a romantic mood light.

Neon Signs are perfect to get the party started

neon lights add your party

Neon light adds a fun retro vibe to your party

Are you planning to celebrate your significant accomplishment with an exciting party? If this is the case, neon signs will unquestionably add a fun, retro vibe to your party. Whether at a concert, festival, or on the dance floor, lighting is primarily responsible for setting the mood. As a result, neon lights are not only pleasant, but they also promote a lively mood in the most eye-catching way at your party.

neon lights for your birthday

Neon sign for your 21 birthday celebration

For any event where you want to liven up the atmosphere, such as a birthday party, quinceanera, bachelorette party, or other gathering, neon lights are a fantastic option. It can be placed on a band stage, above the head party table or anywhere else where the party will be held. Regardless of how you use it, the atmosphere will be set for a party or a fun photo shoot where everyone can check in.

What about neon signs for corporate events?

neon sign for events

Neon sign generates buzz for corporate event

There is no better way to showcase your business, or generate buzz for your next corporate event than with a neon sign. These custom neon signs are extremely noticeable and are ideal for giving corporate events a little extra sparkle. They can be hung on a wall, as backdrop draping panels, or in conjunction with other party decor elements such as a balloon arch, fresh flowers, macramé decorative items, and so on.

LED neon sign lights

Let’s create LED neon sign with your company name

Furthermore, a neon sign will undoubtedly make for a memorable presentation and set the tone for the remainder of the company event by greeting and brightening their welcome at the entryway. Let's use a bright neon sign to make your event stand out and attract more business attention! You can create your own custom LED neon sign with your company logo, name, or slogan, according to your specific needs.

Perfect neon sign type for your event

neon sign for events

Some neon sign ideas for your special event

Neon signs are widely used due to the fact that they don't cause a glare at daylight and they aren't blinding at night either. As a result, they can be used for both day and night events, whether indoors or outdoors. Neon signs are simply too beautiful to ignore, and they can add an interesting twist to any event. Here are some current popular neon sign ideas for your memorable event.

LED neon lights

Ideas to make your party become the toast of the night

With this “Live music” neon sign to light up the room, your party will be the toast of the night! This fantastic neon sign is a wonderful way to liven up your party area and can be placed almost anywhere, such as on the entrance door, walls, or even as a backdrop. This orange LED neon light color will illuminate and add a festive vibe to your ceremony.

birthday cake neon sign

Birthday cake neon sign can be reused many time

Are you planning a flashy event that will dazzle attendees? Let’s dress up by pairing it with this Birthday cake artwork neon sign and let it speak for itself. You can enjoy staying within your budget and knowing that you can use it again for other future events with just a low wholesale price investment at the beginning.

neon sign for event

Neon sign creates a unique style for special occasions

Additionally, there are a variety of styles and options available in HelenLedCo stock for you to light up your company event, birthday, wedding, sweet anniversary, or to go wild in your night game party, or create a unique style for businesses. You can also have your sign customized to fit the colors and concept of the event.

neon sign for event

Neon sign for special event

Do you love these ideas of lighted neon signs above? Don’t forget to check out  our entire neon light collection on HelenLedCo website to make the most of your special event scenes!