10 Creative Neon Sign Quote Ideas To Instantly Transform Any Space

Aside from artwork neon signs, neon sign quotes are also popular because they are gorgeous and can enhance an empty space by adding pleasant lighting. They also bring a new look to a room and give you a chance to personalize spaces where you live, work, and learn.

If you don't have any favorite movie or song quotes available in your mind, here are some suggestions to customize a neon sign. We've divided it into several categories in the hopes that you'll find the inspiration that best suits your needs.

Neon Sign Quotes for The Office 

custom company name neon sign

Custom company's name neon sign

Using neon light to decorate the working area is so popular these days, especially neon sign quotes. A well-designed office can foster creativity in workers and improve productivity. As a result, the wonderful features of neon office signs are the perfect method for decorating the interior space. Making your own unique logo to use as office decor is a smart move. For example, the above "CTRL Group" neon light is a personalized sign made in the shape of the company's name.

neon sign quotes

‘Work hard, play harder’ neon sign quotes for workspace

Additionally, you can illuminate the space with this fun "Work hard, play harder" neon sign quotation. And your workspace will be much more inspiring to work with this LED light. It can be placed anywhere and everywhere, including on the entrance door, on the walls, in front of the working desk, as a fantastic way to freshen up the office. Additionally, this neon light over high-quality material will glow beautifully and create a great atmosphere for your company.

Neon Sign Quotes for Weddings

neon sign quotes

‘Mr & Mrs’ neon sign quotes for wedding day

Let's use this "Mr & Mrs" sign's enchanting ambiance to make your special wedding day sparkle. This beautiful wedding neon sign is ideal for displaying your event concept and personalizing your venue. For a modern and striking charm, it is also ideal and gorgeous when used with flower wall panels and drapery designs. The "Mr & Mrs" sign, created to give you an unforgettable and remarkable wedding, will undoubtedly raise the spirits of everyone who is looking forward to participating in your special day.

neon sign quotes

‘Love is in the air’ neon sign quotes for Valentine's Day

Couples will fall in love with this neon light with a line of "Love is in the air" as a gift to display in their home as a touching reminder of their love or to use in their wedding party. What a wonderful way to announce your engagement or celebrate your big news! Additionally, it is also suitable for events such as Valentine's Day, bridal showers, and anniversaries. Besides that, neon signs are simple to install as they can be easily hung or fixed to a wall.

Neon Sign Quotes for Bedrooms 

neon sign quotes

‘Always kiss me goodnight’ neon sign quotes for bedroom

Let the glow of this bright and beautiful neon "Always kiss me goodnight" light bring all romantic energy to your nice warm bed. This lovely LED light produces stunning custom neon signs that are safe for eyes and extremely long-lasting. This neon light is ideal for indoor decor in any room, acting as a lovely moonlight that is beneficial to your sleep and helps you have more sweet goodnight kisses from your beloved.

Neon Quotes for Cafés 

neon sign quotes

‘But first, coffee’ neon sign quotes for Cafés 

Nothing stands out quite like a neon sign. Let's get the most popular sayings for your café to decorate or pique customers' interest. “But first, coffee” is one of the trendiest neon sign quotes for coffee stores currently. It will make your coffee shop the center of attention and draw in more customers as their preferred location to enjoy coffee and feel energetic.

Neon Quotes for Bars & Restaurants 

neon sign quotes

‘Stop thinking, start drinking’ neon sign quotes for Bar decor 

For bar decor, this “Stop thinking, start drinkingneon hanging sign is a luminous, stunning addition to the bar theme.  Because of its high visibility, it is ideal for late-night functionality with improved clarity in low-lighting environments. The flexible design options offered by the lightweight construction allow for design placement anywhere in the space, draw customers' attention, and foster a playful atmosphere that enlivens the dance floor.

neon sign quotes

‘Bon appetit’ neon sign quotes for Restaurant

This "Bon appetit" LED light with a clear acrylic backing will provide ambient lighting for your restaurant stage, entrance, or sweetheart table. They will contribute to the creation of a wonderful atmosphere that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your dining area and make the food appear to taste better under the romantic light. You can also save money because you can reuse this neon light for any event with just a small wholesale price investment from the start.

A Quote for Every Occasion 

neon sign quotes

Neon sign quotes can use for every occasion

Have you ever considered purchasing some quote neon signs that can be used for any occasion? That is, they do not have to be used on a specific occasion. For example, if you purchase a neon sign with a Christmas line, you can only use it during the holiday season. However, if you want a quote that can be reused many times and hung anywhere, there are still a lot of options for you to choose from.

neon sign quotes

‘You look great today’ quotes to use anywhere, anytime

Neon sign quotes are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can personalize one gorgeous neon light with a quote that means a lot to you or your favorite song lyrics. For example, this "You look great today" LED neon can be hung anywhere at any time as a great addition to home improvement and interior decorating.

neon sign quotes

Cool neon sign quote idea for space decor

We hope you found many interesting decorating ideas in this post. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about neon signs and don't forget to see more HelenLedCo blog posts.