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Wedding hall is an important item to create the success of your wedding party. And what is the right style for your happy day among the many new and unique decoration styles today?

The answer is sometimes difficult for young people. Therefore, to help you, HelenLedco would like to introduce to you the Vintage style for wedding neon sign backdrop, which seems familiar but strange if you know how to take advantage of it. Let's find out right in this article!

Decorations to choose for autumn wedding?

The weather in autumn is quite pleasant and cool, accompanied by an airy and peaceful space, which is a good opportunity for couples to hold a wedding ceremony together.

wedding neon sign

Wedding neon sign backdop for vintage style

The wedding neon sign decoration style in the fall often carries the gentle romantic and bold personality of the bride and groom. The colors that are loved by many people to decorate neon signs and choose for autumn weddings such as yellow, orange yellow, red orange, light purple, light pink or dark pink... bring out the characteristics of autumn.

Nostalgic Vintage style

Living in modern times, many people love what's new, fresh and exciting. However, many people also want to find what is familiar, rustic and nostalgic. Thanks to that, the Vintage style, although it is not a new style, is never outdated and "hot".
Usually when decorating with vintage style, deep colors such as brown, orange, light yellow or white.
Materials to create a vintage space come from wood, dry branches, rough fabrics, lanterns, etc. Using wedding neon signs along with many close-to-natural accessories to decorate the wedding is loved by many young people. in recent years.

wedding neon sign

Using neon sign for vintage wedding

To help you visualize how to decorate a wedding neon sign in the Vintage style, we will list a few items to pay attention to below.

Vintage style wedding items

Wedding gate

Needless to say, this is the first impression that any diners coming to the party must pay attention to. Contrary to modern styles made from iron frames, models, sparkling electric lights, etc., vintage-style wedding gates will often be designed with dried trees, branches, leaves, flowers,... No too colorful and pompous, the dried flowers or available flowers will also create an impressive and beautiful wedding gate for you. Along with that, neon signs will combine to brighten up your whole space.
In addition to the wedding gate, the welcome sign board also applies this. You can use a neon sign that stands out but is extremely impressive.

wedding neon sign

Vintage wedding gate with neon signs

Gallery Table

Next is the reception desk for guests, this is a space that is equipped, elaborately and beautifully designed just after the wedding hall space. Here, wedding frames, albums and notebooks will be indispensable. On the countertop, you can use wooden items such as wooden crates, suitcases, old books or a few used bottles that are properly recycled to create an antique atmosphere.

Compared with shimmering, metallic photo frames, wooden photo frames are more suitable. In addition, if you have an investment, add a few models such as watches, birdcages or vehicles that will make a strong impression on guests.

Party tables and charis

Not the usual smooth, glossy sheets, but burlap, lace or sequin fabrics to make tablecloths. This makes it easier to create elegance and luxury for the entire wedding space.

Next, flowers are the soul of any wedding party. Small flower pots are lined up next to each other and in them are flower branches. It can be fresh or dried flowers, but use small, tiny flowers instead of large blooms.

wedding neon sign

Light in the party light

Finally, to create a vintage atmosphere for your wedding hall space, you can't forget the light element. With ancient, warm and close features, yellow light will be very appropriate. It can be from the chandeliers above the stage or the wall lights, or the flickering candlelight.
Neon sign will now promote all the best uses. Enter to create light and help create atmosphere for your happy day. Candles will create a romantic and emotional wedding space for the party. The light of the candle also helps couples get the sublimation on the big day. So, do not ignore candles when decorating wedding parties with vintage style.