wedding neon sign
The wedding neon sign is an accent piece without a doubt. Thousands of concepts for creating a memorable wedding have been implemented but have you ever tried this way? Let’s find out with HelenLedCo.
Handcrafted neon signs have been popularly used at parties, pubs, bars, and restaurants,... They’re must-have silhouette decoration items, and a trendy wedding element as well. Take a look at what a Wedding Neon Sign can do to light up your nuptial day.

Self-name design

When it comes to weddings, everybody is looking for something created just for their own. Things are made perfectly, banners with the names of bride and groom; styrofoam and curtain are used to decorate but for now, it seems kind of boring and a bit out of date.

Self-name Wedding Neon Sign

Now you can customize your name on a neon LED sign, which is an affordable, highly personalized symbolic feature and very contemporary. Not only your name but your initial is still the creative way to show up how special this wedding is, and you will be in love for years to come.

wedding neon sign
Much harder than styrofoam, all the neon signs are made from an acrylic backing board with a multilayered structure, so they’re shaped and incredibly sturdy. Performing once is a kind of waste, neon sign is produced for long-time utilities so you can reuse them for your further anniversaries or trim them in your bedroom for evocative memory.
You don’t need to celebrate your wedding in a 5 stars hotel or any fancy convention center to show how intriguing and mesmerizing your wedding is. Lighting up your whole space with this aesthetic neon sign strip with both your initials is just sufficient. Heart shape neon sign initials are nothing but an eloquent statement that you’re born to be one and on the long journey ahead, you’re holding hands tight through hardship just like these two letters are very attached.

Meaningful quotes

Meaningful quotes are indispensable parts of a remarkable wedding party. And as you can know, like any other couple in this world, these two happiest people have their vows and wishes along the journey, so it is such a bad idea when you put all of these expressive words upon a styrofoam, lightless board, or a curtain.
wedding neon sing
Neon signs at weddings not only bring some new dazzling light vibes but also highlight the meaning of those quotes. Instead of the soulless materials which present just for showing the words, a handcrafted neon sign at a wedding will turn these quotes into much more emotional and stirring.

Meaningful Quote fulfills crucial celebration

Saying in such a remarkable celebration is a romantic way to express yourselves and amp up your thanks for what has been happening. Dance to the Moon and Reach for the Stars can’t be lavish, swanky, novel, and pure like this if not based on a clear acrylic backboard and those layers printed by ultraviolet laser technique.

The high-skilled artisans execute exquisitely with perfectly mounted electrodes and bent curving neon tube strips. All of these make it a cursive emotion and sufficient chic.

wedding neon sign


Every time you attend a wedding party, boards with hashtags and wishes made of hard plastic or styrofoam will be prepared as a must-have decoration or an implement whenever you take pictures. Don’t you see that it’s now kind of wide-ranging? Let’s make something special for your wedding!

Why have to wait until someone makes you a wish for your best day? Go and make your ones with HelenLedCo neon sign light. The big day always comes with lots of responsibilities, anxieties, and genuine desires. Shimmering spaces and trimming an accent piece with a splendid customized neon sign from your cursive handwritten will draw you and everybody into an inescapable maze.

Pictures or videos with Neon Sign Light from HelenLedCo will make every memory of your wedding distinct. This way, siblings, parents, or friends of both bride and groom will find lots of blasts and inspirations on your nuptial day. Then, how could they say “No” and leave the party while everything was just like a Vegas with lights, music, and love?

Neon Sign Hashtag in Wedding

Apart from the dance floor and bar, the backdrop is where you can see those two main characters and their friends go nuts. Not only the bride and groom are going with the vibe, but also the guests, who are friends, family, and relatives. Something inevitable that pictures and videos captured at this backdrop will be published on social media as a part of certain things when it comes to a wedding party and a glowing neon sign is a valuable extra detail.

wedding neon sign

Wedding Directions

Getting lost in a wedding is not extraordinary and I commit to you that lots of people get in trouble with it all the time. So, one of the most clever wedding neon sign ideas is making wedding direction with LED Neon Signs. It is an eye-catching decor that everyone will stick their eyes on these flashing customized guides. Again, small details work wonderfully.

Neon Sign for Wedding Direction

Instead of those wooden wedding directions which are easy to prepare, costless, and sketchy, neon sign light direction is a once-ubiquitous element in any novel wedding celebration. Let’s imagine when the lights are all off to focus on the stage where the bride and groom are presenting. How could the attendant find their go-to destination with that wooden directions? It’s neon sign show time.

Unlike traditional neon gas with lots of impurities, LED neon signs are produced in an in-closed production and perfectly gain quality ensured.
Areas in a wedding
Another wedding neon signs utilities to equip all areas on your nuptial day with gorgeous neon sign lights. At a wedding, you have many areas that need to be named or shown so that attendants can easily get there. Or maybe it's just a small detail but makes a huge impact in letting the party go smoothly.

Don’t let your invitee miss this stunning backdrop

You see those Hollywood celebs walking in a vibrant space with lights, and cameras,... if so, you can make it a bit similar on your wedding day. When you have a place for visitors, loved ones, and relatives from both families to snap or record, a neon sign wedding backdrop will help you and turn your guess into a real Instagram fashion icon with its great silhouette. But remember to put on some flickering neon sign light to make sure they find their way among the insane crowd.

wedding neon sign
And imagine when you have your food serving neon sign direction, how could they not go inside and get what they’re looking for, I mean “those mouthwatering” food? Humans are so instinctive and impulsive when it comes to fictional and dramatic light choreography, just like a simple metaphor of light attraction in nocturnal insects.

If you want your guests to be delightful not just in happy moments but also satisfy their stomachs, go and pick some. Not just the food serving section, you can also decorate those neon signs at weddings for every area that you might think that it's necessary.

Above are the Top 5 wedding neon sign ideas that can illuminate your marriage ceremony in a most coruscating and gleaming way. We hope you found some interesting ways to light up your wedding after reading this. HelenLedCo is a reliable destination for all your neon sign demands, so DROP BY HelenLedCo Stores for more inspiration.