Neon sign for room ideas
Neon signs for room ideas have long been among the top search engines for house makeovers. They are not only popular for their wonderful magical light but also for bringing many benefits and beautiful aesthetics to the room. They appear in various sizes and shapes with harmless light for eyes and long-lasting existence. That’s why they are suitable for any age, anywhere, and at any time.
If you are a fan of neon signs and looking for some extraordinary ideas to decorate your sweet home, here we give you some crazy cool suggestions to make every corner of your house out-of-ordinary.
neon sign for room

Cool & Unique neon sign shape

Refresh your sweet home with neon lights

Typically, there are three types of neon signs including neon sign sayings, neon sign artwork, and custom neon signs. Neon sign sayings are specifically in the form of featuring quotes, love stories, inspirational quotes, etc. Meanwhile, neon light artwork is a type of neon sign in the form of art, graphics, animals, etc. Different from those, custom neon signs are closer to your taste. This is a type of neon sign that is customized to your specifications, such as someone's name, a favorite quote, or any image and message you desire.
neon sign for room

Sweet neon signs for sweet home

Once you know how to combine these types skillfully, you can decorate your house in a way that’s not only creative but also unique and cool depending on what you love.

Fantastic decor ideas for Living room

Words really have their power, especially when they are “glowing” on a blank wall. With neon signs, you can have that in just a minute. Neon sign sayings will help you convey any message you want. It can be a quote with a meaningful message to give you more courage in life, or it can be a fun saying to create a cheerful and positive atmosphere. Thus, not only you but also any guest coming to your house will enjoy staying in the living room.
However, if you are a film buff, you may love the idea of decorating your living room with some of your favorite movie quotes. It is no doubt that memorable movie phrases have likely made their way into everyday vocabulary, or water cooler talk and bring a motivating effect to our lives.
neon sign for room

Popular neon quote line for film buff

For example, “I love you 3000” is one of the most iconic lines from Iron Man that is loved worldwide. Ever since Avengers: Endgame was released, the internet has been collectively sobbing over the stand-out moment involving Tony Stark and the stand-out line "I love you 3000." So many people have ordered this quote to hang on the wall as decoration. If you are a big Marvel Avengers fan, this one is absolutely the best option for you to go for.
neon sign for room

Cheshire Cat Neon sign from Alice in Wonderland

Another option for you if you have ever watched Alice in Wonderland and fallen in love with it, you may remember this well-known line from the movie “We’re All Mad Here”. This quote was said by the equally popular Cheshire Cat character with the meaning that we are crazy or unique in our own way. Surely, this shiny quote along with the Cheshire feature neon sign will be the perfect decoration for your living room as an interesting encouragement to live the way you want.

Makeover your Bathroom with amusing ideas

neon signs for bathroom

Funny message to make vibe for your bathroom

If you’re fed up with your boring bathroom, this “Let's Get Nakedacrylic neon sign is the answer for you! It can instantly lit up your plain bathroom in just a minute! Neon signs integrate art and lights to create a romantic and warm atmosphere for your bathroom, bright but do not hurt your eyes. Sexy, gorgeous, and stunning with a funny message, this is definitely a perfect addition to your bathroom. Moreover, this beautiful neon sign is sure to deliver the sexy and charming vibe you’ve dreamed of. Let's get naked and enjoy bathing every time you walk into your private area.
body shape neon signs

Sexy body shape neon sign for your bathroom

If you are not a fan of neon sayings, choose a neon sign artwork instead. This artistic nude neon sign is a beautiful and sexy way to decorate your bathroom. Slightly erotic but not overtly sexual, this neon light is a great aesthetic to add to your home. So every time you look at this one, you may find the interest and motivation to work out on that perfect body shape. It could also be a surprise and unique gift for any friend who loves sexy art and the world of light.

Cool Neon sign ideas for your Game room

neon sign for room

Gaming clown neon sign for arcade room

This neon-light gaming clown is completely immersed in his own world when playing his favorite phone game. If you want to create your own gaming world, you can hang it in your home arcade or games room to elevate your space. It could also be used as a great piece of light-up decor for any classic game lover. Although the luminous effect will be seen better at night, it also shines brightly enough during the day to provide additional lighting and serve as a stunning piece of decor.
neon sign for room

Just One More Game Neon sign to play endless game

Just One More Game” neon sign combines letters and patterns subtly. Colorful lighting not only adds brightness to a dark game room, but it also gives players a sense of the gaming atmosphere. The gaming light sign is made up of a colorful neon light strip design and a transparent acrylic material. Multi-color without dazzling light can be used for an extended period of time and is simple to set up. Let's make a statement in your arcade room with this amusing “Just One More Game” LED neon sign, which will undoubtedly set a mood that is distinctive to your taste and bring visually stunning and incredible vibes to your home.

Make your Kitchen more unique

neon sign for room

Let’s Eat Neon sign to stimulate your appetite

You can design a kitchen space that you love by concentrating on the emotions you want to foster and the activities you want to enjoy in this space. You can consider using neon signs to see your kitchen in the best condition. In this case, "Let's eat" could be a pretty little neon sign that says it all.
As good food can create a good mood, let's decorate your kitchen or dining room with these lovely neon signs to make you a cooking lover even more. Absolutely this little gem will make you happy whenever you are in the kitchen. "Let's Eat" is a simple and succinct neon LED light sign that is ideal not only for home kitchens but also for trendy cafes, food trucks, and restaurants.
neon sign for room

Big pizza neon lights for Pizza-holics

Besides, you can use food neon lights to stimulate your appetite. How about choosing a neon sign in the shape of your favorite food. Pizza lovers, for example, can hang a large pizza neon sign in their kitchen. The sparkling pizza will undoubtedly be satisfying and entice them to make such good meals everyday.
neon sign for room

Fun shape of neon sign ideas

If you are looking for the most unique neon sign, there are numerous designs and styles available at HelenLedCo. Check out our latest tips for house decor or any custom wedding neon sign idea to turn your sweet life into a paradise.