custom LED neon light
Let’s take business decoration seriously if you’re striving to define brand identity, enhance its visibility as well as leave an imprint. Besides the seamless experience, service quality, and product quality, a stunning overall look of your commercial real estate can help impress pedestrians and convert them into loyal ones.
Custom LED neon light is the way to go if you want to save your pennies on advertising while maximizing your customer data as much as possible. A brightly lit, stunning, and stylizing custom neon sign will not only meet your expectation but also satisfy your brand wish perfectly. Let's dive into this article to get more inspiration for brand advertisement.

Creativity in design

Let's have a detailed breakdown of how the custom LED neon light will do wonders for your business. Apart from the traditional gas neon, LED neon signs are made with cutting-edge methods as well as skilled craftsmen. In addition, the radiant neon lights are covered carefully with a silicone tube which helps the sign have any outlook that you’ve dreamt of.
While there are more and more fiery competitors in the crowd, let's take it seriously when choosing a store theme. By having a great ambiance and a one-of-a-kind and seamless brand image, your brand identity will last on guests' minds for years to come.

custom LED neon sign
White neon sign for coffee shop owners who want an elegant appearance

custom LED neon light

Party Time striking neon light for an all-night dance club

Undoubtedly, the custom LED neon light not only does miracles for your brand but also for the guests. For example, the Coffee white neon sign is an ideal addition for those who want to have an elegant and spacious coffee shop. Its purity evokes a warm feeling letting the guests enjoy their coffee and have sweet talks with friends or loved ones.
Meanwhile, the Party Time is the ultimate in decorating a nightclub and creating a festive vibe. This call-to-action business neon sign not only screams for dynamic party vibe but also jazz up the fun, luring the guests to come to the dance floor and go with the melody.

custom LED neon sign
A one-of-a-kind nail studio custom LED neon light for slay girls

For beauty studio exterior design, how can you miss this modern custom LED neon light? The eye-catching and outstanding neon sign not only sets your facility apart but also draws pedestrians’ eyes from afar, enhancing your store appearance and enticing them to drop by yours.

Build a strong impression

The custom LED neon light made a name for itself as a cost-saving and effective way to advertise any kind of business. Using radiant lights in decorating corporate space as well as your store is such a wonderful method to boost energy, create good moods, enhance guests’ experience, and leave a long-lasting impression.

custom LED neon sign
The glossy and outstanding appearance of Betty’s Burgers

custom LED neon light

A cool way to greet your gals when they show up at your storefront

One of the best ways to draw more and more pedestrians to drop by your store is to have an outstanding and glorious appearance. A one-of-a-kind store decoration will set yours apart, liven up the experience as well as leave an imprint on them easily. Custom LED neon lights come with a spectrum of bold colors is a must-have for those who crave attention and perfection, indeed.

custom LED neon light
An enticing invitation put on a shiny custom LED neon light for pizza lovers

custom LED neon lights
Using the neon sign with your signature details to direct your guests

Not only can the neon sign feature your signature dishes but also a cool invitation that will impress your guests and lure them at the same time. As long as you want to have your very own successful marketing campaign, a neon sign is surely the most wonderful tool for you to opt for.

Match your branding

Depending on specific needs and the vibe you want, a custom LED neon light is the way to go. Unlike the pre-made neon sign, the custom ones may be close to your taste and serve you the best. No matter what type of your business, a custom neon sign will definitely give off what you desire and dream of.
custom LED neon lights
Wine bottle and glass custom LED neon light for the bars

custom LED neon sign
A multi-colored pizza slice decor item for the fast food restaurant

custom LED neon sign
Using comb and scissors neon light to enhance the salon's visibility

By using an online neon sign builder tool, you can have a strikingly detailed mock-up of your visualization. Hence, feel free to utilize the custom LED neon light to demonstrate your logo, the signature dish, or any kind of artwork that you have a big love for.


Unlike the traditional ones, custom LED neon light costs less but lasts longer than you've ever thought. It's made of sturdy materials, like silicone tubes, a lightweight acrylic backboard, etc. Furthermore, thanks to cutting-edge technology, a neon sign can last up to 100.000 hours on average. Because of these incredible features, a neon sign is an ultimate choice for those who don't want to spend much time repairing, maintaining, and changing decorative items once a year.

custom LED neon sign

The custom LED neon light can be placed permanently at your leisure

custom LED neon sign

Cocktails glass custom LED neon light for out-of-home advertisement

Once assembled precisely, the custom LED neon sign will have a long lifespan, saving you money on decorating and advertising your brand. Besides, when purchasing at HelenLedCo, all products will come with a 24-month warranty. So, don't hesitate to reach out to us when you have problems with your sign.

Easy installation

As per purchase at HelenLedCo, the package will always come with a full set of free equipment and a step-by-step guideline. Hence, installing a custom LED neon light will not take much of your time. Also, we have a video tutorial on how to assemble and display neon signs, as well as customer service available 24/7 that will resolve all your concerns. This way, you can easily install and place your business neon sign anytime and anywhere.
custom LED neon light
A well-designed custom LED neon light for Peperoni Pizzeria

custom LED neon lights
The Happy Place dim neon light adds a dynamic vibe to the bar club


As we’ve mentioned, using custom LED neon lights is a wise way to create a neat and seamless brand image in the guests' minds. The neon sign is customizable, giving you a chance to fulfill your wishlist and bring your visualization into reality. The neon sign has a modish and timeless look that’ll blend well in every corner of your facility, as well as highlight other items perfectly.

custom LED neon lights
Custom LED neon lights in a wide range of features

For those who are on the hunt for a way to polish their corporate space and maximize their sales, there's no use missing out on the LED neon sign. It's suitable for both exterior and interior uses, wasting no time and money for purchasing others. Also, the sign is excellent at emphasizing the venue, adding a color pop, and complimenting others.


Last but not least, the neon sign is super safe for users and the environment. It contains neither toxic elements nor hazardous mercury, causing no environmental damage. That's why it’s not only used for business decoration but also a home makeover project.

custom LED neon lights
A handcrafted Open neon sign is safe for both users and the environment

Additionally, because of custom LED neon lights’ long life cycle, it can be turned on from dusk til dawn and reused on any occasion as well. Thanks to these great features, you don’t have to repurchase a neon sign repeatedly. This way, you will not leave a footprint on our environment. This is a reason why we call the neon sign an eco-friendly decorative item.

custom LED neon lights
Pizza-shaped custom LED neon sign for restaurant interior design

In conclusion, as long as you want a successful advertising business without doing something over-the-top, custom LED neon light is the ultimate element. Stunning, well-designed, one-of-a-kind, and so on. For more incredible inspiration, browse HelenLedCo’s Collection and our inspirational blog!