Unique handmade custom neon sign for elevating your business decor and sales
Light up your bars, shops, offices with gorgeous, and best in quality custom neon signs for business. These signs not only help you attract new customers, but also promote your business for years to come.

Custom neon sign for business

Light up your bars, shops, offices with gorgeous, and best in quality custom neon signs for business. These signs not only help you attract new customers, but also promote your business for years to come. If you intend to customize a sign that sends message, stands out and give you that one-of-a-kind unique look no other stores ever had, this is the right place. Whether it’s company logo, name, motivating quotes or creative artwork, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down for more, shall we!

Light up your company name or logo

You should never leave your storefront boring, or uninspiring. The entrance is the first thing customers notice, and based on this, they’re gonna make the decision to come into the store or not. Don’t sit on this great opportunity to prove that you’re a worthy service provider. Let’s style your storefront with customized outdoor and indoor logo neon sign. There are two options, which depends on where you’ll hang the sign.
Most of our customers hang their neon signs indoors, in the reception or lounge area where exposure to the gorgeous sign is the longest. But if you feel like it, hang them outside to lure customers in is also another brilliant choice!
Look at how our business customers designed and set up their own neon signs!
custom neon sign for business


custom neon sign for business

Michele KC Business Neon Sign

custom neon sign for business

Home of Beauty Business Neon Sign

Custom neon sign quotes

Looking for best neon sign quotes for your business! Well, we’ve compiled a list for you. Neon quotes for wall are cool, and mood-boosting decor items to get customers on the mood, and spirits up. Make personal statements, and breathe a sense of individuality into your own business space. This way, you’ll gonna attract a huge number of gals on the same boat as you. Be free, explore the options and create your own quotes in amazing neon lighting! Send out a meaningful, and impactful message you’ve dreamt of giving since like 11 to the world.
custom neon sign for business

Your sexiest body part is your mind neon sign for business

custom neon sign for business

Where’s the fun in doing what you’re told neon sign

Creative Artwork neon sign

It’s no doubt that any visual arts make business and office environment more inviting and laid-back. Whether you’re looking for creative artwork to adorn the workplace, lift up the spirits of your employees, or to decorate your shops to attract customers, creative neon artwork can surpass your demands.
Creative artwork is perfect for coffee shops, bars, clubs, man caves, billiards, and tattoo shops. If you’re looking for customized artwork to channel your creative powers, let neon artwork help you with that, and don’t be shy. It will be the beginning to somewhere amazing!
Creative, original, meaningful and gorgeous to look at, these unique artworks also reduce stress, and boost creativity. Imagine displaying one gorgeous burger neon artwork in your restaurant, and it just brightens up everything in its way. How magical and amazing it must feel to be in such place!
chill pill neon sign for business

Chill Pill Neon Sign for Business

neon sign for business

Astronauts eating hamburgers neon sign for business

Design your own neon signs

Now, as we’ve explored quite a few already. I bet you’ve gotten the hang of how this works to some extent. Now it’s time that you custom make your own neon sign. Of course, if you need more inspirations from our real customers and how they did this, scroll down for more!
custom neon sign for business

Custom neon sign for boutique business

This customer customized business neon logo for her boutique, and she couldn’t be happier. And of course in her favorite color of all "PURPLE”. It makes us feel so great to see our client holding her new sign grinning from ear to ear. She’s thrilled and more proud to display her absolute perfect boutique sign for years to come.
custom business neon sign

Custom business neon sign for beauty salon

This customer of ours couldn’t be more satisfied with the amazing light that really makes the salon room look so much better.
custom business neon sign

Ella Blake Custom Business Neon Sign

Why choose custom neon signs

There are literally hundreds of reasons why you should try it with custom business neon signs. They’re featuring a unique take on art, art that is made for everyone and everyone can create arts and have someone admire their work. Beside the mental value, let’s explore a few tangible reasons why neon signs win honestly.

Original and handmade custom neon sign

As neon signs are customized, so their designs are basically requested by YOU. And of course you make it original and unique. If you’re not confident on your design skills, our team of experienced and brilliant designers and artisans will stand by to help you, as always. And of course, neon signs are handcrafted by our professional craftsmen. Attention to details and top notch workmanship are top priority to us, as you can also see in the final product how this shows.

Vast design and customization options

As we told you, design is up to you. You can use our pre-made design if you like any, and maybe request some changes if that’s good for you. Or you can totally request customized neon sign from scratch. If this is the case, do a sketch of your vision and send us the picture, so we can help your vision come true for you.

Long-lasting and durable customized neon signs

Made of robust acrylic backboard, our signs are long-lasting (100,000 hours on average for switching on). They do not easily break, or shatter and thus, require minimum maintenance to keep it good condition.

Custom neon sign for hassle-free installation

The installation kit is provided along with the sign, all free-of-charge. There’s installation guides, as well as all you need to mount the sign onto anywhere you want to. There are currently 3 hanging options: mounting pins, 3M command strips and hanging kit.
Mounting pins are for hanging the sign on a wall, while hanging in open air requires hanging kit. Or if you want your sign to be temporarily affixed to a surface for an event, use hanging kit. Just inform us of your requests, and voila, we’ll solve it for you.