Sweet enlightening LED neon signs to brighten up your kids’ room
Transform your kids’ plain bedroom into magical and playful wonderland with our best in quality LED Neon signs. They make amazing wall decor that breathes a sense of fun and creativity. Made of bright colors and eye-catching patterns, LED neon signs can easily spruce up your kids’ playspace, or bedroom anytime. Whether it’s name, quotes, nature, cartoon character you want to make neon sign out of, this article is gonna inspire you, and prepare you for the realization of your dream sign.

LED neon sign for your kid's room

LED neon signs are available in a wide range of designs, colors, fonts, and shapes, making it perfect for everyone. As one can custom make the sign however they like, the result is always stunning neon sign that makes you thrilled and jumps for excitement. Let’s view some of the designs from our dearest customers!
neon sign for kid room

Poppy neon sign

This Poppy with a heart neon sign is so gorgeous for the pink room. Not only will it brighten up the entire room in the most pleasant way, but also make personal statements. Make the bedroom lively and vibrant so your kids are excited to hang out, and do fun things here.
neon sign for kid room

Sweet Dreams neon sign

Sweet dreams do come true. Let’s wish good night to your kids every single day before sleep, even when you’re not there. Bless their restful time, and that they have more than enough energy to get ready for the day. Light this beautiful wish in neon light, and let this magical light drift your kids off to sleep slowly into the sweetest dream ever.
take it easy neon sign

Take it easy neon sign

Use neon signs to guide your kids through life. If your kids don’t behave, customize one neon sign displaying words of wisdom, telling them what to do to remedy their mistakes, and get up from there. If your kids are often stressed with exams and homework, light up the sign “Take it easy” to remind them of de-stressing themselves, taking it slow, and enjoying the journey a bit.
neon sign for kid

Cute cat neon sign

A cute cat looks so cute in a corner like this. It looks even more mesmerizing lit up in neon lighting. Enlighten that corner you kids often listen to music, or read books before bedtime to give them wonderful time to themselves on a day.
neon sign for kid room

Surfing man neon sign

If your kids’ room is filled with neutral-colored, and plain furniture, it’s time to light up and add color pops into the space. Spice up their living space, and fill their life with colorful decorative lighting by hanging our best in quality, and design neon signs. Invite fun and happiness to your space has never been difficult with the help of neon signs.

Why should add LED neon sign in kid room

There’s plenty of reasons why going for LED neon signs to decorate your kids’ bedspace is the wisest choice you’re making this year. Let’s go through them each by each, shall we!

Vibrant & fascinating

Made with a wide variety of designs, and patterns all enlightened in neon lighting, LED neon signs bring color, fun and joy to your kids’ room.

Safe for kid

LED lights do not produce heat or annoying buzz, making them safe to touch and handle. They are also durable and long-lasting, which makes them an ideal decorative item for a child's space. It is also a good idea to mount the sign out of reach of children to prevent accidents.

Durable and Affordable Décor

LED neon signs are made with flexible LED lights that are mounted in a transparent acrylic board, which makes them resistant to damage. They are also energy-efficient and do not produce heat, or annoying buzz, which makes them less prone to wear and tear.

Easy Installation

Neon sign installation is like a piece of cake. Just use the mounting kit provided free-of-charge along with the neon sign.
Step 1: Mark the spot where you intend to hang the sign with a pencil. Make sure these spots match up with the pre-drilled holes on the neon sign.
Step 2: Use the drill to make holes at the spot that has been marked.
Step 3: Use the screwdriver to drill the screws into the holes
Step 4: Position the LED neon sign against the wall, use the hardware provided to secure it in place.
Step 5: Plug the sign in and enjoy its beauty
If you want to temporarily hang your neon sign for an event, use a hanging kit, or 3M Command Strips for mark-free removal. Please include this in your neon sign request, so we provide you with just what you need.

Custom Neon Sign Ideas

Explore our vast ideas on gorgeous neon sign for your kids’ room! They range from neon signs displaying name, quotes, favorite characters, nature-themed….etc. Anything that’s pleasant to your eyes can be turned into neon sign - stunning decorative piece that can be used to perfect that plain corner in your children’s bedroom.

Name kid

Name neon sign is such a personal and special way to decorate your kids’ bedroom. Let them know they’re one and only in the world by customizing your kids’ name neon sign right now. Aren’t their birthday coming up soon? Let that occasion be the moment you surprise them with this unique gift.
neon sign for kid room

Madi LED neon sign

neon sign for kid room

Roxy LED neon sign

Favorite character

neon sign for kid room

Kirby LED neon sign

neon sign for kid room

GO HOGS LED neon sign

neon sign for kid room

Sailor Moon Luna Cat neon sign

neon sign for kid room

Lucky cat neon sign

neon sign for kid room

Graduation bear neon sign

Favorite quote

Get your favorite quotes all dressed up in gorgeous neon lighting. This is a fun way to enlighten the playroom, but also add fun to the space. Each quote, whether it’s motivating, funny, sweet, gives off each meaning. Thus, you can custom neon signs quote of your choice, and hang this in your bedroom’s corner to always let this message shine, and permeate.
neon sign for room


neon sign for room

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE Home neon sign

neon sign for room
Good Vibes Only neon sign

neon sign for room
You’re like really pretty neon sign

neon sign for room

neon sign for room
Hustle & Never quit neon sign


Kids love nature. Being close to nature, or anywhere that has nature in it plays an important role in helping the kids broaden their knowledge on nature, but also sharpen their survival skills. Plus, nature-themed neon signs give the room refreshing vibes, thereby recharging your kids’ batteries night and day.
neon sign for room
Mushroom neon sign

neon sign for room
Mountain range neon sign